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I Am Trayvon Martin !

I am trayvon Martin an African American male who's grades range from a's and b's
I enjoy eating candy preferably skittles and drinking ice tea
I am trayvon martin a 17 year old black male
A good kid Never had a criminal record, never been to jail.
Jus decided to visit my pops fiancee in north Florida in sanford to watch the all star game
Seem like normal day, kinda gloomy cause of the rain
I was hungry and I wanted a snack
so I told my pops I'm going to store ima be right back.
Threw on my hoodie, put on my white kicks
Grabbed me a couple dollars, my phone and that's it.
Got my stuff from the store start heading back home
Decided to call my girl on my cell phone
Minding my own business walking thru this gated community
Lookin at the nice houses, this view was new to me.
Saw this man from a far and he looked like a creep
Following my every move as I walked down the street.
My girl told me to run, so I ran but he had a car, got out with a gun in his hand.
He asked me what I was doing round here
Before I could answer he pushed me and my headset fell out my ear.
I was scared for my life I was Screaming out Help hoping someone will come to my defense
He shot me in the chest, my defense came to rest.
I lay there motionless, a man standing over my body.
No remorse for his actions thinking he was "Protecting somebody"
He took my life for no apparent cause
As my will I give my parents my heart for there lost.
This man is out there, still living, still free.
Please Bring Justice, For You And For Me.
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Simon Elliott More than 1 year ago
Conservative white people are crazy and dangerous, unlike in a black poor community where there is danger, some white communities have crazies that´ll stalk you and kill you. Then later they say they´re christians.
Joe Fritz More than 1 year ago
Qumar Williams More than 1 year ago
thats some deep words
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
good work,,,, great idea...
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