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The willow Dome

Walk with me to the willow dome. 
Follow the eccentric to his home.
All can be answered
and you could be the easel 
for his thought.
Or do i say ezel for those
who think in dutch?

Travel through the narrow lanes 
whilst taking in the concise silence. 
This is the ecology what is living 
and there observers. 
Do not claim duress. 
Your hand is free to let go.  

Creep through the ragged rock. 
Emancipation will soon follow. 
The weeds are emblazoned against the walls. 
They stand dignified. 
Humanity has ceased a while back. 
Pesticides cannot stop a new life. 
"Its beautiful" your eyes say. 
I am elated at such Freudian slips. 

A couple of steps further now. 
You will know I have not been fulsome. 
All has been an illusion 
and for us to gain level 
Watch the concaved thoughts disappear. 
I have removed your illogical fear. 

We have reached the willow dome. 
New flagstones decorate the ground. 
The first question I asked of many was 
"Does the circle which forms its pattern, 
Rotate outward or rotate in?" 
Over Time I discovered the question. 
Only the road in the past 
 forever moves one way.   
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Jim Wallace More than 1 year ago
ARUN MAZUMDER 6 months ago
well done
Leslie Reyes More than 1 year ago
very will written
tanmay kumar Sankhua More than 1 year ago
Veronica Candley More than 1 year ago
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