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The Light of Truth

My soul’s buried in sickness, hurts
many years lost in fear
covered in guilt, disgrace
hidden in darkness
from condemning, critical others.
Caught in the chaos, abandoned
no clarity, course, or order
twirling like a ballerina in circles
my nightmare continues
 into numbness.
Feelings are stifled, no guidance around
or answers that dissolve daily pain, sorrow
praying for help, a glimmer releases
With appropriate direction
towards truth and hope for tomorrow.
Persevering years of work, changes
proposes a road to travel
out of the pit of despair.
Releasing injury, harms
reveals relief, healing and trust.
Time takes time
an inner cleaning
of obstacles to love. 
This housecleaning is not for dust
but anger, fears, and shame.
Shine the sunlight
until the darkness dispels.
Only truth, goodness, clarity, indwell.
Now love is my guidance for seeing you.
It extends, reveals, reflects, the real me.     
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John Thayil More than 1 year ago
your words come off very sincere to me...enjoyed your poem.
Ofuonyebi 'Dinobi More than 1 year ago
good poetry...with a great message
A. W. Nutter More than 1 year ago
Feel your emotions throughout this write.
Jawahar Gupta More than 1 year ago
You are the Creator.
You have created the better
Now thinking the best masterpiece to create
~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~
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