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Tears Of Sadness

The sky is dotted with many stars
Every night I look and wonder where they are
Standing alone on the ground
Everyday I find no one when I look around
These days anymore I am so lost and scared
With no path to go down, by my eyes I am impaired.
I take my life, one day at a time now
If only I knew where I was going, I could find my way somehow
I turn to run and you're not there
Without you by my side, my heart is bare.
Where do I go, where do I turn
My heart is so empty, I hurt and burn.
Tears drip and fall to the ground
I am crying out, but you're not around.
What is wrong with me what can I do
I don't know what is happening my life is through.
I disappear, yet no one cares
Never I come back, no one's memories will share
I am gone forever, but you aren't crying
My life is gone, my heart is dying.
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Elizabeth Johnson III More than 1 year ago
Richar' Farr More than 1 year ago
It is nice and a very nice read ~~
Yuwa Parameswaran More than 1 year ago
Stella Vkn More than 1 year ago
Good Work.... Nice flow... keep writing
Chris Cowan More than 1 year ago
if seen used before
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