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The sunset was red,
A book I have read;
It’s almost time for bed.
From my lips my prayers peal
As by my bed I kneel.
Keep my life, Lord, on an even keel.
I’m one of a kind,
No one else like me you’ll find,
I say as I put my failures behind
For blessings, thanks I give;
Also, for the joys that I live.
I don‘t need to sift them out in a sieve..
For my blessings are great,
And it’s now getting late,
So, I’ll lean over and kiss my mate.
Good night!
© Copyright 8/1/1999 by Jean E. Gorney
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Kurt Barilla More than 1 year ago
true to your nature
Stella W More than 1 year ago
very nice write--  
ARUN MAZUMDER More than 1 year ago
Robert Braswell Jr. More than 1 year ago
old school classic type poem
Thomas Strickland More than 1 year ago
Nicely done
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