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Here in our meadow of secrets 
birds kiss your every sigh, 
spring of love flows from you 
pastures of green.. pray I die. 

Melt my touch with a buttercup 
open my door to your dreams, 
lips of sweet honeysuckle 
I am your bee.. so it seems. 

Eyes lay me down in clover 
be I in your web of romance, 
deeply I thirst for your pleasure 
your kiss.. with touch.. enhance. 

Be I a part of your meadow 
secrets talk to my mind, 
my lips fall on your petal 
secrets from heaven I find.  282 days ago
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Its Biblical it didn't come to us by some thought up idea,
The SAVIOR was to come from Bethlehem of Judea.
When but a boy HE astonished the doctors and teachers of the law,
... continued
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When the wind blows
and the daffodil grows 
I'll be in your memory
... continued
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I can't recall having a friend, only frenemies. And no one is my family even if they're kin to me. So when this body returns to the dust from whence it came. There's not a soul who would care to even claim my remains. I feel close to the other side like the terminally ill
And like an inmate I live in this world against my will. If a life raft could represent all of my earthly years. Ive been floating in a vast ocean of infinite tears.
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"What's that", he scowled,
not an instrument I hope? 
... continued
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Rest Restless Restlessness...Flight
\Patriot of black sun in a dream cloaked in red
Concrete and abstract reign in so equally bred
\Embraced by 'thou chaos' a dance writhen in spared blood
'ever oblivious intrigues thou, lest beckon a flood
Blind faith treasons mercy's restraint...swept up in brood
\Tragically, 'reality' reluctantly departs without me, slain
Witness the powers to be Pale Night's vengeance ordains
Dead reckoning encumbers the laden silent rampage inane
No fear brazenly floods and paves my plight, unforgiven is Cain
\In defense of the blackest of eyes I summon the face of prayer
Spoken in true mankind, interpreted in a million shades grayer
Quieted anger is evoked, as a shunned million shout,Soothsayer
Crushing harmony elicits surreal lights of blue, dressed in slayer
Side by side trued reality, thou dub thee, the consummate player
\"Forever reign the light", I shout. "I am Conqueror, pale night".

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He tells the truth
When he comes into my room
... continued
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She has always been there for me,
My first true love; known as Lady Liberty.
... continued
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