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Death occurred and another warrior fell
Ascend up to heaven or descend to hell
Two different angels awaiting his arrival
Good or evil he was the key to survival
Fight transpired for the right to his soul
Last soul before Armageddon took its toll
He tips the scale for victory for either side
Knowing earth’s warrior would turn the tide

Heaven’s Angel – Played by Simone Levi

Earth warrior we represent God’s faithful
We need your help please don’t be hateful
Love and eternity awaits you after our war
Don’t listen to her for she's Satan’s whore

Hell’s Angel – Played by Broken Lullabies

My sexy earth warrior don't listen to her
Heaven must be serving, 'cause her mind is a blur
She's just a holy tramp speaking crazy taboo
The hottest love ever awaits right here for you

Heaven’s Angel – Played by Simone Levi

You see, she is corrupting your thoughts again
Pursing her lips tempting you with her evil grin
There’s fire and brimstone down that hell hole
Not talking about hell itself, tempting her goal

Hell's Angel-Played by Broken Lullabies

She's jealous because I serve the tastiest dish
A bite of angel pie has always been your wish
She'll say anything to get you to join her team
I'll fulfill your desires making your body scream

Heaven's Angel - Played by Simone Levi

First of all look at where she is spending her days
Nasty horns on her head waiting for terrible lays
You will ascend to a place where life's sublime
No longer in flesh, gaining wings to fly in time

Hell's Angel-Played by Broken Lullabies

First of all excuse me O' tramp of the highest
For you to say I have horns is rather kind of biased
Sin has ruled this earth before the beginning of time
When darkness prevails even your a** will be mine

Heaven's Angel - Played by Simone Levi

What is your reason for dwelling in hell evil one?
Sold your soul to the devil to partake in Earthly fun.
What if we battle for the right for his participation?
Breaking those hideous horns with great deliberation.

Hell's Angel-Played by Broken Lullabies

Go ahead and convince him with your holiest talk
When this war is over you won't get what you sought
The warrior will be mine, in darkness we shall rein
Close your eyes sweet angel, while you lose this game

Earth’s Warrior - Played by Anonymous

Whoa, lovely ladies there is no reason to fight over me
Been told long ago where I’ll go because of homosexuality
I just want to say is it wrong to love someone who is gay
It’s who I am; it’s not learned behavior it’s in my DNA

Discussion continues throughout the world on homosexuality.
Lumping in with a continuous sin is a misconception generality.
Many other things considered sins in the bible we continually do,
like drinking in excess to get drunk, shellfish on the bar-b-que.
God can see into the individual’s heart (soul) to see if they love God

There are repercussions for our decisions we make in our daily lives.
Just like a man that grows discontent continually marrying new wives.
Jesus teaches us to love all and be God like on earth to seek perfection
Biggest lessons learned is making God your number one direction

Living our life, praise to thee O’ God, who are we to judge other’s sins?
Love thy God and accepting Jesus as your savior is how salvation begins.
The battle continues between good and evil every single day of earth,
Love another living life to the best of your ability for what it’s worth
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You never miss the opportunity to break my heart,
Leaving me all alone in a world that is cold and dark.
... continued
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Reconstruct these bitter endings.
Make some sense of what you've seen.
Carve a hole inside subconscious,
... continued
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He just stood there, for warmth he longed
... continued
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... continued
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Asset .

So many void smiles ,
Current the tickling watch ,
To sail the demand’s river .

So many emotions , turning into love ,
Open clumsy red –light in the street ,
And get poisoned , they don’t merit .

So many steady ships sink un harbored ,
Being eye-arrowed by infatuation ,
For lust empress , stirs commotion .

So many fortitudes of humiliations ,
And poison-throated service ,
Receive a slaughter house instead of sacrifice .

So many elder brothers , fill father’s absence ,
And assume bull to carry the family-cart ,
Alas ! for them waits negligence and hurt .

Yet , two drops of tears , of that unasked lover ,
For humans remain as the greatest treasure .
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If you would have asked me last month,
what a friend is I would have different view
It used to be a one way street of giving
... continued
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many persons run life with two legs on two boats;
 be that person a man or a woman.
 this  divided existence is their circumstances
... continued
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Glances in purple,
girl you fool me
l see your shadows
... continued
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Dining on love

... continued
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