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Baby girl I feel your pain,
oh how i wish i could take your pain away.
Your a sweet little girl,
a blessing given to me from God above.
Why did that day come when everything changed,
when you were hurt beyond belief.
Hurt by the a person that we trusted,
someone you have known your whole life?
Mommys right here baby girl to dry up the tears and to show you that the pieces can be picked up and putback together again.
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A little boy who could not see,
Was lying in his room,
His eyes covered over with gauze,
... continued
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He offered her
A glass of water
After she had drowned

With all the noise
That he kept making
She never heard a sound

Drop a dream
And watch it shatter
Pieces on the ground

Life goes on 
It doesn't matter
If you're not around

All that noise 
He made
Without a sound...a sound

All that noise
He made
Without a sound      

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In the undulation of the wave 
I think of her serene face 
It carried the colours she steals 
From the different scenes with a feel 
So she soothes me and pleases me 
She enthuses me and drives me 
That makes me strong 
To make me work for so long 
In the misery of the summer 
To languidly return to slumber 
In your relieving embrace 
Descrying your mollifying visage 
Which is a part of my dream 
But how real now it seems 
When you are gone 
While I was bent to abscond 
Wishing a reprieve from the rain 
Soaking my familiar arid terrain 
That was filled with the patches of the grass 
For an amorous repose and a blissful past 
Was abruptly wrought with the foreign plants 
Immanent, redolent, evergreen supplant 
All that I worked with to harmonise 
They urged me to stabilise 
And return to the previous bliss 
Away from the mystery of your smile and the kiss 
But all I wish I should have known 
That love was the rain and the trees were meant to grow 
Dense, complex or whatever they may seem 
This is how my soul is intended to be 
And I don’t feel at ease to relinquish 
And immutably languish 
When I can write what I feel 
A sincere reflection of the real 
That I am poised for romance 
And would it be okay to give me a chance? 

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Why me
Why you
Why us
... continued
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I suffered a lot, being helpless
I failed to understand the life so complex
But still I manage and confess
... continued
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All and Each Did Bleed!
Three cold months had passed of this the new year.
... continued
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The waters churning in Rapids
Roughly cutting the surfaces seen
Hiding those that are defined to be away
... continued
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this is about her!
and her colors
... continued
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Childhood Friends

... continued
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