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Hey you!
Yes, you!
Got the time?
Time to read?
Check out the headline:
Man Stabs Another Man - Section A
Don't like that one, fine:
Woman dies in a fire because of Cigarettes - Section A2
Again, okay this is the last line:
Extra, Read all about it!
It's the same old tired story everyday
people walking the street the usual way
People killing people for drugs get played
Who or what, do they care, death's okayed
Silent in our voices of other's people's pain
Skip the headline's the question will it rain?
What's on sale at the downtown supermarket
human on human sad reality we likely forget
It's not me, and I'm happy in the burb's location
sleeping to the grunge of the subservient nation
They're not my family or friends let them die
but in the same notion, does their families cry
Look it's your turn for the news, your baby was shot
Dying from a wound for the drugs he bought
It's never you or your family?
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Breakfast is over its out into the sun,
Yes the night slipped past gone and done,
Those grassed paddocks what they offer is sweet,
... continued
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One day I took this journey within,Flabberghast! to see, what, lay there in.
Ghastly !site of forest dense, not a ray of light beaming.
Gathering all wit ,I  ventured in, ashamed! to see, the state I was in.
... continued
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A lump in my sole from a far away space
Where I dream of you here, within my place
Touch, wish, dream, and owe tender passion
... continued
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I still remember the day when she
Looked at me with those guilty eyes.
The ones I never wanted to see;
... continued
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Time after time
I look in the mirror
and i wonder who i am....
how we became friends...
cuz we're different..
and then we're the same...
You make me laugh, you make me mad....
but i still call you a friend..
Time after time
I see my boyfriend(s)
walk out the door
never looking back....
and wonder why i'm
always alone in the end...
Why can't i find my
beautiful, mysterious,
warrior who rides on a
black war horse....

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I am a poet writing of my pain.
I am a person living a life of shame.
I am your daughter hiding my depression.
... continued
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We have something that can't be replaced;
The memories of the past are completely erased;
You have everything that I've been looking for;
Actually, you are so much more;
When we are together, it feels like fate;
Never again will there be hate;
My heart is yours until the day I die;
For the rest of my life, you will be mine.
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 After    Brihadaranyaka  of VEDANTA (  Indian   *Darshan ; not phylosophy)
... continued
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Ready or Not by D.L.Compton 
... continued
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