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User by T R
Yes, the Glass Slipper fits.

But I will not go with you.

You stand shocked in your magnificent Uniform, 
Black shoes and Spurs sparkling
Sword shining in its scabbard, 
Proud blue eyes wide, 
So dignified, so distinguished,
Handsome face stunned

Prince Henry Alexander
Your father gave a ball to find a queen, 
but you found me instead. 
We will marry 
BUT you will be the one transformed, not me

You rode to my house on your beautiful Horse, 
descending from your castle, 
to bring your future queen back to your life
of Privilege and Royalty.

No. I will bring you into my world of 
menial work and sacrifice and exhaustion. 
You came with a glass shoe for my foot. 
A gift for me...

But now YOUR polished shoes and silk socks,
glittering spurs of a Knight,
footwear of a Prince,
are coming OFF your privileged feet.

You are disgusted, repelled, furious and proud
You refuse and try to leave
Your pride and anger rise
But there is no escaping your destiny.

You are now the barefoot Prince among the cinders
Barefoot in your Dazzling Court Uniform
Would you ever dance barefoot in your elegant Palace
Naked soles instead of smartly clicking shoes?

Now my barefoot Prince,
we take your Royal Sword
You will not be fighting battles anymore
No more Royal Court
No more Quests
No need for a Sword.

Even your Magnificent Horse must be taken from you
No need for a Horse. Not anymore.

Send a message to your Royal Parents
Renounce your Throne, your Birthright,
your Royal name, your Noble Knighthood.
Do not resist. You have no choice.

Prince Henry Alexander no longer exists.
You are Hank, a peasant.
That wonderful Palace is no longer your home.
That Throne will never be yours....

Yes! Now strip off your magnificent Imperial Uniform.
Scarlet Tunic and pressed striped blue Trousers
Royal Sash and Epaulettes
White Gloves and Gold RIng with Royal Insignia
All of the Medals and Honors
that belong to your former Princely life

Step into your new uniform of labor and poverty.
The clothes of a peasant.
Together we will live a life of drudgery.
Of menial labor.
You will work in the fields,
your Golden Princely hair shorn off
a cloth cap on your shaven head.
We will have children who will never know
their Royal lineage 
You have descended to my level
and here you will remain.... 
Settle among the cinders with me
and dream of what you have lost
and of the man you once were.

You are not a Prince now
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... continued
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through eyes burning deep,
touched with smoldering fire,
full of grace and all dressed in black,
... continued
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A forgotten tale, ensconced in stone,
A murmered doubt, said all alone,
I preen my ears, for these little secrets,
Smothered in their prime, yet blazing with heat,
I long to know them, those long lost legends,
The forbidden stories, with unfinished ends,
For I seek the weapon, to make all enemies cower,
Hidden atop that chest, perched in the highest tower,
And so I search, through the witches hour,
I search and find secrets, the only true power.
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Heard and voice near and dear,
looked around no one is insight,
so I dropped hammer on my foot,
... continued
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they ask me
why i'm sad
why i'm blue
... continued
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Come back to me
Metal to a magnet
Attracting the morbid
... continued
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underdog girl
always smilin'
while her tears are still dryin'
... continued
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There are two seperate roads ahead of me
I look down the paths and nothing is what I see
I could take the path on the left or the path on the right
... continued
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Please sing this song in a cider-lubricated west-country accent late at night.
... continued
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