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I stare at the beautiful clouds, the storm gathers,
the song awakens me. I stand on top of a wise old
enchanting tree. I stare down into the emerald calm
lake. The dreams of wonders call, I am not fake, 
I will not fall, I have been set free.    

I walk through the flowers, the aroma enchanting
my senses, the birds inviting my soul. I see the 
far away lighting, I storm through the fences, 
I am drawn to the envisioned and distant goal.  

My blue eyes stare in wonder at the magesty, 
I stand on top of the giant building. There is no
pain, there is only the sky, the whole world to
gain. The sorrow and pain lingers, they are
a cruel and inflicting bane. 

The dazzling light ignites the fury, the echo of 
easy days falls into the cold abyss. The beauty
of dreams decend onto deaf ears. Tears become
blurry, love I will miss. I swim through a ocean
of broken dreams and fears. But the light burns,
soon there will only be bliss. 

I see the heart broken writer, her backs slumps,
tears fall down her beautiful face. I lift up her 
broken cheek, I feel her goose bumps. You are
a fighter, you are not weak. Come with me into a
ocean of beauty, soon you will feel the burning
grace. I am here to love you, I will do my duty.                             

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Love is an abstract painting
The heart is not red alone
... continued
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I have wrote two poems about you but I still haven't cried,
Looking for something in storage I found your picture the other night.
... continued
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Children into the world we bring
It fills us with joy,we want to sing!
These beautiful beings,are all our own,
... continued
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The eagles may own the day,
but the owls dominate the night.
Their superior vision is on display,
... continued
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I don’t know who you think I am. But I am that girl you would barely look at on the street. I am the one curled up on the park bench at midnight, shivering. I am the one with the dirty fingernails and the shoes ripping at the soles. I am the shadow that you find in a dark alley. I am the creak of wood outside of your window, the monster that haunts you as you sleep. I write because there is no other way. There is nothing else that is left of me. I write because it is in a story that I can peel away my own life and take a real bath. I write because the words “warm water” mean something on paper. Today, the most wonderful thing that has happened to me is that my stomach feels full. I am all alone in this tiny apartment with no windows. I am all alone in the middle of the day and it feels like midnight. But I have a book by my side and when I read it on the kitchen table I feel like a queen. This is what you don’t see. What you might never see.
... continued
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sailing the river of dead'
the river of dark purple
moving upstream
... continued
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Trees heavy in chatter ripple silence above tickling the temple of god. There is a drum beating coast to coast, shaking the ground in time with the roaring shoreline. Nearby, forest floors shaded, damp, understory thick in matted pythons constricting soil black as leaches thump vibrationally.  Awakened Earth prodded upwards and down again. A single giant baby kicking in his womb to cosmic rhythm, energy realsed as one clapping wave reaching shores palm. Tranced, heaving, pulsing, turning stones, bird rainbows flutter tree to tree, leaves of swaying giants fall like cement fruit showering their feet.
Well above spiraling worms and wood veined centipedes grandfather oaks watch on as moon begins his long accent up the sky northbound Shining the dark only a slither of light staining the wavey horizon.
Unicorns slide like silver, eyes as blue as opals glimmer in the darkness. Winds breath stirs them island to island, tropical neons, light pieces of driftwood wander.
... continued
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She's as sweltering as many suns,
yet as refreshing as a hurricane,
she makes me carry fear by the tons,
... continued
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For somebody I am waiting; waiting;
On somebody, I am fearing, fearing.
Oh! Somebody is coming; coming;
... continued
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