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The sun rises in the east, 
Sending its bright rays, 
Breaks the silence of the mist. 
That's how the day begins.
For your days to be good, 
Don't in your bed you lay. 
Take awalk in your neighbourhood, 
Because morning shows the day.
Feel the warm rays 
Coming from the sun, 
That fall on your face, 
Implying your day has begun.
On a beautiful day, 
Don't you sit idle. 
Otherwise you'll have to pay 
Like Rip Van Winkle. 
Slowly, Slowly time goes. 
And the watch shows twelve. 
You feel as every man does. 
Rest is what you want to have.
Take some rest, 
And again begin your work. 
Give your best
And your work will rock.
The sun then sets in the west.
Come home before its dark. 
That's what is for you,best
Before the dogs begins to bark.
The night then comes in
And darkness here and there 
p*ss what can be seen 
Time to say goodbye, dear.
Wish good night! 
As you go to bed. 
You sleep tide.
A good day you made.
        ---Raja Rehman

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I always felt he should be a radio DJ.
He had the perfect voice for it.
That voice that was so deep.
... continued
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When a heart shatters
Does it make a sound
Do people come running
... continued
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