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As I grew from child to man,
A figure visited my dreams,
Clouded, shrouded, they began,
Forgotten, some uncertain scenes,

The being taught me how to fly,
Hand in hand, we soared the sky,
As we showed off, just for fun,
We wondered: could we reach the sun?

Though try and try hard as we may,
The sky would darken and turn gray,
Warning us we should turn back,
Oxygen, that space will lack,

Free to roam the earth, we were,
Yet somehow still confined,
Every inch, I mapped with her,
Our hearts now intertwined,

From Rocky Mountains to the Alps,
From Cabo's beaches to the mouth,
Of Amazon, Nile, and Tigris too,
All around the world we flew,

A child when she first took me,
I knew little of gender,
But as I grew, I came to see,
For her, I had grown tender,

Limitless, our only bounds,
Was that which made us free, (sky)
Yearning to discover grounds,
Of love that came to be,

As time passed on, with world explored,
You'd think we'd want no more,
But we remembered how before,
The heavens we adored,

We realized we were so small,
From everywhere we'd been,
For still unanswered was the call,
We had to leave this pen,

The universe, we longed to span,
Or be left incomplete,
No way that we really can,
Our hearts would cease to beat,

We pondered trying anyway,
But decided to stay,
And time kept passing, on and on,
One day we would be gone,

We spent our lives in love,
But what would lie ahead?
There's so much left above,
And soon we would be dead,

We swore we'd never part,
That never would we end,
She'll always be my heart,
For me, God did she send,

I took her by the hand,
And whispered one last prayer,
"Please, God, I demand,"
"Oh let her still be there,"

We shot forth toward the stars,
Holding tight our last breaths,
And just as we reached Mars,
We had to meet our deaths,

Quickly, my life flashed,
So wonderful, it was,
Then from me my soul dashed,
At first, saw only fuzz,

Then suddenly, took flight,
Gliding along through space,
To my final delight,
But then I saw her face,

Oh, how could I forget,
The half that made me whole,
And here we are now, split,
I thought we shared one soul!

And then I saw a beam,
In the center of this place,
A bright and vibrant gleam,
It came at such a pace!

Still closer drew the light,
I looked through squinting eyes,
Oh my, was it a sight!
Then, there she was! My prize!

Standing at the gate,
Her hand stretched out for mine,
To enter to our fate,
She came with me, a sign,

We must have done alright,
To make it to this place,
How beautiful! No night!
And God's eternal grace!

Again, we're free to soar,
But now, all's within reach,
Twas nothing but a door,
A lesson, it did teach,

Just live your life each day,
And love in every way,
Be patient, dear, and wait,
Eternal life is great!
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Kings live in Jerusalem.
Queens live in London, England.
Kings have land, servants and subjects.
... continued
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You were grieving at heart, dear
But how was I to know, 
For you covered it with makeup ,
... continued
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Nature's Beauty

Oh! The beauty of Nature. .
... continued
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Some say that love shares the essence of stars,
We see it and want it and wish it was ours,
... continued
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A brilliant canvas of color
Resting on its sides
The wind is its water,
... continued
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Girl I got a key to a meaning, 
a meaning to true love, 
from shadows I take a step into the light, 
... continued
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There is no oath between lions and men,
Only symbolizm of protection and what matters to them.
... continued
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Delivering a message seems
easy to do; particularly, 
if it is a good one, which 
... continued
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"Oh! My Mother Earth,
Can't we take our breath?
Before fulfilling the greed,
... continued
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