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This letter I send to you
To say how much I love you
All the memories
The love and joy

The scarlet letter
Of passion and desire
Romance and love
That we shared

I know it is the end
I feel it closing in
All the little things
That make us sad

The scarlet letter
Will tell you how I feel
Before you close the door forever
What you gave to me

Will always be in my heart
Never will I forget you
Or close my heart to you
I will always be yours

You're the one who saved me
Loved me like no other
Showed me the meaning
Of being alive

The scarlet letter
Brings no joy to me
Much pain and sorrow
I don't want to lose you

You're my pleasure and delight
All the kisses
Letter from you
A smile that warms me

You mean so much to me
How can I make you realize
Just what I have to lose
Never to see you again

The scarlet letter
Will be the last
Before I draw my last breath
And in my grave I lay

Hoping you the best
I can never kiss you again
Or hold your hand
Just let you go

You will never hear me say
I love you and always will
Never gaze into my eyes
The tears that flow

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I just want to go 
to a far faraway place,
but I know that the distant memory of you
... continued
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Your flesh can't arrest the soul in me,
Trade thrashcan hearts for what was meant to be,
Vortex formed in reality,
... continued
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the rays you did cast
over my shady throne
earthed the ebony past
... continued
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Mark of my love
Yesterday in my dreams,
... continued
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Sacred Owl Of Athena

Athena parthenos the virgin Goddess
Gatherer of all wisdom and knowledge 
The daughter of Metis her father Zeus
Logos of debating and a divinity of life

The killer of Pallas daughter of Triton
Helped by a blow struck by her father
Poseidon desecrated Athena's temple
Turning Medusa into her sister Gorgon

Medusa's hair turned into living snakes
Men turning to stone if gazing upon her
Poseidon and Athena fighting for deity
Offering gifts for patronage of all Athens

Poseidon struck his trident to the ground
Creating salt springs for trading and water
Athena instead offered a simple olive tree
Athena's gift accepted Athenian patronage

Helping Heracles skinning the Nemean lion
Guiding Perseus into beheading fateful Medusa
Protecting Odysseus from his journey from Troy
Appearing in Nausicaa's dreams to return to Ithaca      
Dusk starts to fall as the owl begin it's flight home
Spreading wings far and wide leaping for the sky's
Only with hindsight can mythology be understood
As the sacred owl of Athena reaches Mount Olympus  
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Why never a warning
- either by speech or look... -
that the love you cruelly gave me,
... continued
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She watches silently,breathing slowly,
But watches as she breathes...
One's fall is the other one's triumph,
... continued
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Passion on a knife edge, is that what love is about?
Or is it to be questioned, never tested, always in doubt?

... continued
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We all get consumed in our wants and desires.
The stories of people inspires.
They say you can be whatever you want.
... continued
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