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I dont feel safe
I wake up in fear
I wish there was a way
Out of this nightmare
I gasp in horror everyday
Going to jump out of my skin
I cant take anymore
I havent the strength within
my body is very sick
And theres no compassion anywhere
just evil cold faces
And its way too much to bear
Its time for me to go home
To my room up above
Say goodbye to this sick body
And rest in the heavens with love
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It started innocently enough with a smile, the smile that's forever ingrained upon my mind, the ghost of your voice still rings melancholy tones in my ears, your soft lips haunting mine, the thought of your feminine hands sharply pulling my hair as your tongue seeks rough dominance over my own, whatever words of resistance I had flared and died in the back of my throat as I melt Into your embrace, your emerald eyes alive with fire and sin, damning my soul, branding it with your earthy scent that still lingers upon my coat, haunting and bewitching my senses even now hours later, my emboldened heart still aches with the grievous wound your absence dealt it, the nature of our last embrace misjudged as you whispered your goodbye and our last shared words "there are no happy endings for you or I"
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Any top celebrities in the whole entire world of hers
completely, her kindness was fulfilled, her love and
heart into and onto the wondrous adventure land, she
... continued
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Some may say this,
and others may come up
with something quite
... continued
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In The Bag
... continued
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A perfect multiple choice world,
you can choose anything
from a list of options.
... continued
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Nobody knows how it will turn out,
how it will go
where it will end
... continued
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19 years you are gone and still to this day i miss you more each day, the pain i feel and the hurt still wont go away. Now i am a mother myself i have a son and a daughter on the way, and still i miss you everyday. One day we will meet again and be together forever. I love you mommy.
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I've longed to dance with my true love
when my heart was filled with distress.
In pain and alone I would be
... continued
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When i look into your eyes, I see an angle in a sky. Your awesome hair flying in the air, shining like an diamond in the sun. The sun is nothing compare to you because your the one that brightness my life even in the darkest parts of my life. My life has no meaning without you, thats why I cant even imagine living without you. My heart is pumping just for you becasue theres no other women like you.
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