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Roses are pain violets are tears your soul cries so silent no one but God can hear searching for love but it's no where near take 3 steps forward but 20 back how come I can't get-out of my past giving me blast after blast cuddling my books of poems being a Christian I'm the pastors daughter waiting to rest in my spiritual home I'm having problems emotionally spiritually and physically where is the love doctor when u need him can he mend a broken soul how much tears can his room hold looking for the one Trina remind my self let go and let God have his way oh my lord i make  everything difficult Priscilla let go why must u be so ignorant in the word and so disobedient they call me crazy because I talk to my self I don't care love is all I have God's love is what brought me here what are the pieces to the puzzle what am imissing the devil ina snake form I hear his silent hissing God and his angels surroundme pertect me day and night Igo to school kids get o n my nerves say things I don't like lord please im not trying to put up a fight people say I have anger issues to be honest I really don't care it's like the more I say it it goes threw one earand right out the other faster and faster by each wording say I'm tired of this I'm tired of love but it runsme itcarries me it perfect me it hurts me it stabbbs me it dumbens me but I rise like a howling wolfish the night nothing can bring me down my name.e ispriscilla and I've came toclaim my crown 
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Every morning
You wake me up
My dream filled with your fantasies
... continued
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One word can make the difference
than can even save a life .
One word can be remembered
... continued
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(Whole-heartedly dedicated to my lovely wife Monera Nur Jimi) 

... continued
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The brash riffs belch
out of the grey tin radio,
the bass comes alive and meets the blatant chords.
... continued
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A life without drama
is like a school house
with no pupils.
... continued
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Since I was a kid and I cant remember when,
I remember Israel and Palestine over the news all the time.
I remember bombing cars and people bombing themselves.
I remember 911 interrupting my favorite TV show.
I remember the Imam talking about the crusaders.
I take a step back and I see for myself
I see a bunch of people killing each other for GOD.
I see a bunch of believers twisting the secret of life.
They justify their crimes of holy war.
They legitimize their crimes with holy names.
I see people thrown out of their houses for having religious bliefs
I see people forcing their religion on others
I ask myself is it what GOD wants?
People fighting against each other over who is the messenger.
When asked : who is the messenger ?
You hear Muslims shout Mahomet
You hear Christians shout Jesus
You hear Buddists scream Buddha
You probably heard many other things too.
I wish you could ask me so I could tell you: 
I dont care who the messenger is...
did YOU get the message?
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Love in Moonlight

Dear! Why to whisper in the dark inside?
... continued
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I fall asleep while in review
Of those events that I go through
Which I accrue throughout the day
... continued
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The sun shines on us:
Open books try to lure us
... continued
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