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Do you know who I am?
Do you know where I've been?
Do you know where I'm coming from,
or do you know me from within?
Do you understand who I am
or what I've become?
do you really know me
or where I am from ?
I know at times I am harsh
and my edges are rough.
It's an image I project,
In order to stay tough.
My past was fatal,
a battle zone.
In a family, feeling,
left all alone.
Can you understand
this life of pain?
It taunts my mind
like it's engulfed in flames.
Unless you've been there
you can only assume
that the pain I have
is like an empty room.
Perhaps padded or barred,
no windows or light,
dark and uncharted,
empty with fright.
I know I am not alone,
but at times I feel
that my horrible past
could not possibly be real.
Is this a wicked dream,
or some twisted joke,
of a story to be written
or a fable to be spoke.
I don't expect you
to understand.
The only request is
but these few demands.
Don't judge me for who I am.
Understand where I've been.
Accept where I'm coming from,
and learn to know me from within.
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I check in and out of reality 
like a cheap hotel not too far into town 
always hoping my next stay 
will be longer than the last 
but I find it hard to settle 
stuck travelling inbetween dreams and nightmares 
hazy visions of scattered moments 
forgotten tomorrows and anticipated yesterdays 
I find no peace in a stagnent place 
no matter how hard I try 
I seek no contentment in a nomadic lifestyle 
or inside battered souls and withering spirits 
simply looking for a body to inhabit  
so that they may live again 
I'll consume you like a potion 
only hoping to alter my current state of mind 
it's much better than it sounds i swear 
I've yet to find a cure 
I see no harm in a homeless man 
why would I when I can relate? 
I may not find solace in my journey 
or in the paths I follow until my next motel stay 
but I find solace in the discoveries 
and I will take any & everything you gave to me 
and submit it to the finest museums 
hoping to display your craftmanship 
and I will share the potions 
and pass down the remedies  
hoping to share with others what you shared with me 
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No grasp, and a terminus had been reached
... continued
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There is a place where we can go
when troubles come and life's in woe.
... continued
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Wtf? Is your vagina fantastic?
That makes you such a fanatic?
Calling out white men
... continued
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I wonder about love
For I felt it with my mask off

... continued
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Realize your inner strengths and progress with them a while
Open up endless possibilities and set yourself up in style
Find your self with our midst and walk a golden mile
... continued
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Fall leaves blow in the ferocious wind
I'm standing in a street
The wind blows through my hair
Closing my eyes I discover I'm in a different place
A different time
Where am I?
The air is so thick you can taste it
Tigers sleep under shaden trees
Elephants bathe in cool waters
The air smells heavy of sugar and spice
All this overwhelms my senses
I open my eyes
Merely back on the street
In the ferocious fall breeze
With a heightened sense of life

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Do you think of me when you masturbate
Pump out your fluids harder  e j a c u l a t e
Best you ever had was me riding you hard
... continued
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A dark cloud has covered my heart
Tearing my whole world apart
My sunny skies have now turned to gray
... continued
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