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A Day Like Never Before   

The day started quiet not a single bird heard
No traffic or people on their journeys to work
Television screen dead no signal to be watched 
Radio only crackling with no songs being  played

My house empty no children or wife around
The dog gone not looking for it's daily walk
Just me myself and I alone on planet earth  
Everything changed overnight without warning

No more need to hurry or rush around like the past
No more need for money or cards to purchase goods
No more need for words to speak and socialise with 
No more need for love to crave or share with others 

All things now available and freely accessible to take
But  not a friend or animal to call your very own
It should feel like heaven but in truth it feels like hell
An unprecedented situation unimaginable to vision

Something or someone took everything away quick 
Maybe it was a natural disaster that wiped everyone out?
Or could it be the imagination up to it's old tricks again?   
One thing for sure it was unforeseen and not anticipated 

Maybe one day life will return to this earth again?
Or is it fate never to see or touch another human being?
The night dreams are of the people who had left this earthly realm
Where had they all gone was it planned or just a foolish joke?

Questions came thick and fast to come up with a explanation
Did the sanity leave the mind to only leave insanity behind?
Was this the reward for all the mistakes and selfishness?
Was it destiny to be shipwrecked alone to sail troubled waters?

You could feel like a God but without a heavenly kingdom
There must be a reason behind this incredible transformation
Does it start in the darkness of the past or a light to a brighter future?
Was it brought by higher power or consequences of tampering with nature?

Can it be right only one person be guilty of the wrongs of many?
Does it have to end this way in loneliness and self-pity?
Why can't life and humanity return to reinvent and recreate?
Then truly everyone can say! A day like never before! 

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So much beauty in her eyes,
It almost makes me cry sometimes.
Deep inside, they tell a story,
... continued
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... continued
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I come to you for love
I come to you for support
We laugh, play, tease, and shove
And our love of passion will transport
with many years of moments to share
I come to you
I come to you for guidance
whenever I need a hand
I come to you for your patience
With your courage I take a stand
Standing side by side with our backs against the wind
I come to you
We share our dreams and secrets
with open minded hearts
For nothing in this world will ever tear us apart
I will love you forever my sweetheart for you are half of me
For my half is with you too
And now whole we've come to be.

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If you do not cultivate your woman
If you do not communicate with your woman
If you do not caress your woman
... continued
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I wake up with you still on my mind, remembering all the good and the bad time, we shared.
I wake up with regret of how I treated you. You left me like a chicken leaves his stoop.
I was your rock, your beast, your man. Stay with you forever was the real plan.
... continued
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"People Rather give than take" thats messed up!

They see me and I see them,
... continued
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Feel the breeze upon your cheek
The caress of the sun on your skin
Butterfly kiss on your lips
... continued
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Hephaestus Craftsman To The Gods

Oh Hephaestus exiled from the Olympian Gods
Thrown into the oceanic seas by a furious Zeus
Landing on the Island of Lemnos seeking refuge
Retrained into a blacksmith by native Sintians 

Designer of Hermes' winged helmet and sandals
Creating Achilles' armor and Eros' bow and arrow 
Finely wrought metalwork imbuing magic powers
Making motional silver Lions and dogs at Alkinoos

Returning to Olympus appeasing a delighted mother 
Happy was she sitting on her magical golden throne
Hephaestus forgiveness only weakened by Dionysus
Putting him on a mule and intoxicating him with wine

Sidings with Greeks but also worshipped by Trojans
Saving a Trojan being killed by the hand of Diomedes
Ensnaring his cheating wife Aphrodite with a chain-net
Dragging Aphrodite and lover Ares to Mount Olympus

The beautiful Pandora was Hephaestus gift to mankind
Making the thrones that adorned the palace of Olympus
Giving Helios' the sun God his most famous war chariots
Prometheus's fire given to man stolen from Hephaestus
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An austere aubade
marks the dawning of an new era
and the ending of a old one. A beautiful one.
... continued
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