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A lamp ,a lamp oh -
So gleams in me so ,
A standing lamp oh -
so gleams in me so ,
Many lamps ,many lamps oh -
So gleam and gleam so ,
As so gleam and gleam -
Brilliance ,brilliance oh gleams .
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When heart breaks...
There's no sound,
But it break
... continued
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... continued
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I saw your face from afar,
searched for you in passing cars.
At train stations, cafe bars,
... continued
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I walk down the street as my belly rumbles,
Following her, she walks the same way for the last 2 weeks,
Every night the same, way
I catch up with her,
She is beautiful,
Eyes to pierce the soul and as dark as emeralds,
Hair shinny and black as the dead of night,
Lips as luscious as can be and red as blood,
Covering her mouth as I grab her arm I pull her into the ally,
I feel her squirm and try and get away but she wont,
She tries to scream but nothing comes out,
She is terrified,
My hand snakes its way down her body sliding along up her inner thigh and she closes her eyes,
She thinks she is going to die and doesn’t try to resist but tries to enjoy it her last few moments,
I caress her woman hood and slip two fingers up into her,
She stops struggling and lets out a moan,
I kiss her neck and nip it gently my fingers slowly going in and out of her in waves,
I feel her vein pounding as the blood runs though it,
As I remove my hand she whimpers
As she reaches into my pants and pulls my man hood from them,
She then raises her right leg and wraps it around me and pulls her panties to the side,
Slowly I tease her with the tip and eventually I slip it into her,
I feel her muscles tighten and then release as she moans and pants softly,
I graze my teeth along her neck waiting.
She jumps ups slightly and wraps her other leg around me and locks her ankles,
I push her against the brick wall and pump faster,
Licking her neck I taste her skin and her sweat as she rides harder,
Moving faster and harder like a machine,
She feels it building, as do I,
She has already released twice making it nice and slick,
My excitement builds,
Now is the moment I make my move,
The moment I have been waiting for,
She gasps as she releases and feels me release into her,
Fangs appear from nowhere,
I feel it dripping,
The sweet taste of life,
I feel her go limp; I lay her down and slit my wrist telling her to drink,
She does,
I look into her eyes as she feeds,
I watch the life leave her and death fill her,
I help her up and walk with her,
I take her home to my sanctuary,
She is mine and no others,
Always and forever mine,
Mine alone no one cant have her,
Or take her, no one…
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           A  QUAKE 
... continued
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You harm my friends you better run fast, far, and now
You draw blood from my Mistress feel my fangs sink into your neck,
Feel as my strength literally rips your arms from your sockets,
Listen to my smacking as I eat your heart in front of you,
If you don’t fear me you should I am the one at the slaughter of innocent women and children,
With a smile on my face,
I am the one that when you are down and wounded takes and rapes your wife in front of your very eyes,
Then tortures her until she is dead,
All the time you are watching,
Then I blind you,
If you still don’t fear me by now you better start,
I am the one, who blinds a man and lets him go in the middle of a minefield and watches,
I am the one, who controls weather you live or die,
I control what you watch and trust me you will watch what I want you to watch,
And when it’s all done it is I who will drink's your blood and eat's your heart
For I am the one in the shadows you cannot see…
I am the one known as...
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by Sam G
My head is pounding
Ugh, why do I drink
Hangovers really stink
... continued
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... continued
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Angry. Angry. Feeling like a killer,
or am I already deceased?
That is why I go unseen, unheard.
... continued
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