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Life issues forced you to move away in exile countries,
You loved them as much as they did to you my brother.

On your own, you smoked cigarettes and drink alcohol,
Of watching how you were sold to different faces of life.

Not far from you, you remembered of them in your school,
Teacher failed you to reminded you of how you failed your

First relationship with the woman, whom you first learnt to
Love with all honesty, she betrayed you but still you have

Feelings for her, where you find out that you were firstly sold,
To her invisible stabbing knives that had made you depressed.

You cried with visible tears, until those tears would stopped
One night, where you woke up under the sun rays while you

Already sold to the darkness blindness, who made you them
Closer then the woman who helped to cross the busy street.

No more colours are seen by your eyes, your black and white
Past were your daily dairy to read in the middle of your thoughts.

No words could described your yearnings to them, you ought
To wait for the woman who bought you and didn't sold you to

Anyone. Her smelled attractions whom cried all roses in between
The hands of angels in the heaven, to sold you to the king of death.

To recollected you with random souls, where you opened your
Eyes to watch them surrounded by you like strangers and not friends.

No fears you had when you asked your Lord, to take the light of
Your vision away, so you won't see any harmful sides of this world.

After your dreams were sold to your nightmares, your thoughtful
Mind were sold to the heartless and heart breaker and left you with a grave.

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When quests are beyond reach,
When the world defies,
And life slaps ones cheek,
... continued
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Oh ye of little faith
Where did you get your life
Were you simply the spawn
... continued
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It's been three years since that fateful day
And in some minds it's gone away
But I remember and think they should too
... continued
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Staring into the deep milky pool of stars,
We succumb to angelic feelings,
We glide on high in our hearts,
... continued
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Oh my beauty you are such,
That you rapture me to pure exhilaration,
Where the world is such a beautiful pace,
... continued
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From inside my inner most mind,
To the plains of mystique and wonder,
As the sun sets upon the distant mountains,
... continued
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An attempt to have us destroy ourselves,
An attempt foiled we wage war with such silent enemies
Emerge true knights of the British Isles,
... continued
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A new beginning is formed and forged,
Sacred glyphs have an etheric shine,
A way enshrined for others to follow,
... continued
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When life is too much to bare don't hide & wine

... continued
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