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She looks at you, you can see right through.
She sai's she is fine but you see the pain it is nothing to new.
You try to talk to her and help her but she rejects your help.
She is to afraid to get hurt, makes you wanna welp. 
See she is a good girl you can see through the pain and depression you see a flame that is getting bigger.
See she has been hurt to many times to trust you, but you know you can help you get determined, you start to dig.
Dig through the pain.
It starts to make you sane.
See you doesnt see how you see her. 
She started to cry one night you held her, it scared you she said no one has ever done that for her, Girr.
Girr, the thought of that makes you angry, how can people be so cruel.
Then you start to contemplate how you are, you are different you see that now, other guys would drool. 
See you have her, that is all that matters.
No matter the clatter.
You will show her your forgivness.
Time to make a differance.  
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... continued
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Be honest...
We all know 
That tomorrow ain't promised
... continued
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Love starts out shy.
You know that i am a special guy.
When i hug you i feel warm, I can just let go of everything and focus.
... continued
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This Earth 

This earth that we tread    
Cradle of life itself be said                                                       
Come forth to cry out aloud                 
The soil sustains one and all                                       

Received to renew and refresh                     
Without tears of a hungry child 
Joys found and hopes resounding 
Dreams for peace a global family 

Without we will seize to go on  
Another species to go extinct
Left in archives of destruction 
Creators of our own cataclysm

Just one way to escape this fate
Standing strong come what may
Together fighting to turn the tide
Replenishing what had been stolen

To look upon our earthly home
Declaring with a hand on heart
How fortunate we all really are 
Our home given to us from God 

Each sacred breath we take to live
Every seed that's planted to harvest
Fruits ripened to be gratefully picked
Freely given  from the ground it started

Still we see our earth being betrayed
Those who leave no rainforests to grow
Animal habitats destroyed and wrecked
In the name of greed and so called progress      

Helped by the sun our earth moves on
A place all our memories were created
The spiritual home we were given to live
The stage every act shall be performed 
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We are puppets in the hand of fate,
We think of something and the reverse happens;
 How mant accidents, how many crashes,
... continued
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The people who were born in a good 
…genetic background will not tell many times 

repeating frequently in the presence of the King, 
…about their wealthy richness, education, 

glowing appearance, their character considering 
…the King, in par with an enemy! 

If they boast themselves in front of the King,
…they are likely to get punished! 
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God may grant you peace within
But it is a Godgiven Gift which
Involves the heart, mind, spirit and soul.
... continued
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Love is timing.
Love is rare.
... continued
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You asked me whether one day
I will say you "I hate you".
My dear when you leave me
... continued
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