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Oh!  My Precious Sacred Faith…                     
Come back to me…                                           
Let me cross your Holy path…
Wiping away my raging wrath…
Without your lively breath …
My foolish insane life resembles a burying death…
I’ve been your secret admirer so far…
Wondering why my pure soul was kept afar…
Sorrow is my own yard..
For being swept away from your sacred lard…
Tarnished in my pitiless bar…
The spiteful Lucifer made me sink in his awful hellish devilish jar…
Oh! My Precious Sacred Faith…
Come back to me…
Come back to me…
Let me rejoice divine clarity and escape sordid banality…
Shielding me from absurd duality…
Torn between the devil world and the divine mysticism …
Against Lucifer obscure darkness…
I’d rather choose your ordinary plainness..
Written by Jenayah Hela
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jukejoint dreams,
       cab calloway angel hipster, mr. clean! hiddy
       hoeing a tune, kicking the gong around,
... continued
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Time is an illusion
But our earthly existence
Is only temporary.
... continued
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Whores blow guns into your mouth
Numbing fear
Silencing doubt
... continued
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Love it,
Scented elegance
Tainted in perfection,
... continued
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i looked at the mirror and i see nothing important,
i just see me ,thats it ,thats all i see,
... continued
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Different. We are all different. We are born with different appearances and different personalities. Though we judge, we label people by the colour of their skin, and value of their clothes. Who do we think we are? Are we better than them? We believe we are, though in truth we are not. The cheapest label maker on earth is a human being. We put people on trial based on their first impression. Just like the flower that cannot choose it's colour, we cannot be responsible for ours. I won't waste my time trying to put some sense into people, because i know they will never change. But I know, sooner or later, they will be judged, as they have judged the people before them. Karma, I guess. What goes around comes around. Time to realize we are all equals. We all have beating hearts, but we follow the beats of different drums. We can march in different directions, have different opinions, but we can live as one. We are put on earth to give, not take. We can be poor. We can be rich. We can be white. We can be black. We can be Christian. We can be Jew...and we can be ONE. I may be a dreamer, but i know i'm not the only one. Time to join forces, for together we are invincible - Ronald Abi Haidar
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 Corpse shell, acrid smell.
Broken bones storytell,
matted hair, blank stare.
... continued
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Hang this abomination around your neck
Or wear it proud around your chest
It's evil meaning will soon be your destiny
... continued
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You Are The Reason / Dark Angel

To someone in the stranger are fun 
You might be sent on the run 
To me it's all just a bad night of dreams 
You are why I wake  old Dark Angel 
You are the reason I cry in the night 
Beautiful butterflies fly on high 
Fading in the midnight sky 
You were the gentle man that came along
And play to my hear a love song 
You taken my heart and put a dark sharp spear 
Right to my heart 
So no other could put it back together again 
Every time our lips meet it felt so cold 
Only that cold September knows 
How this old song of blues goes 
Just me and you looking down on everyone else
I know whenever those words of your are going to 
Be said my heart of the cold September blues 
Makes it's way to my room 
You said you will melt to the soil beneath my feet
To make me scream 
You would always remind me in my dreams 
How much I mean to you 
I want to be a butterfly to fly up high in the beautiful sky
But all I get is stomach pains 
It’s like your voice has a secret code for my poor heart 
To hear all the hateful things you have to say 
Every time you speak my heart wants to sleep 
Just remembering you gives me the blues
To a stranger you might mean nothing at all
But to me you’re my Dark butterfly whispering in my nights 

Lilly Emery
... continued
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