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The way I am is how a stay
Until I reach my dying day
When I let go of who I was
Who never lost a hopeful cause
Where I would see before I go
My land released of what we know
That we’re a part of nothing good
Forever ruled by a foreign brood
Who treat our land that they abhor
As if they won a spoil of war
From days of old when we lost out
To a union lie that we had clout
The reason why we made our choice
That some believed would bring rejoice
But once again the Scots were fooled
By those who claimed we weren’t ruled
So they’d be sure that we would stay
And pay the price our wealth will pay
For being a part of what we loathe
That chains us all to an ancient oath
That one day soon we’ll surely lose
When once again our people choose
If we should bow to a foreign throne
Or lose this farce and stand alone
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Forgive me friends, none of you were trustful with me.
... continued
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