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Another trip to the shop,
he’s not buying a soda pop!
He is young, he is free and without a care.
There is no sign – let the buyer beware.
Its Saturday night and time for fun.
This is now his second drink run.
The youthful explorer discovers his treasure.
A weekly ritual of insane pleasure.
The lid opens easily between his fingers.
The smell it is sweet, but evil it lingers.
He fills his glass and swallows his pain.
The demons inside him unshackle their chains.
They’re charging up before going to town.
Joyful young princes with paper crowns.
His mother’s heart is skipping a beat.
She knows again he’ll be drunk on the streets.
He enters the club with hopes that are high.
He is tall, he is strong and a fair-faced young guy.
First stops the bar, for it is his shout.
He scans to see what talents about.
The drinks they flow freely, the music is load.
He stumbles amongst the revelling crowd.
It’s getting late, the witching-hour.
He’s searching to pluck a pretty young flower.
Another rejection, another knock-back.
His friendly demeanour is starting to crack.
His smiling face it slowly subsides,
with his rising emotional tides.

His replies they are vicious. The war it begins.
He’s looking to punish imagined sins.
He feels a firm hand on the small of his back.
It’s time to go mate.  You’re now off-tap.
All of the friends he holds so dear,
recoil away with primal fear.
Hearts they are racing, like birds in flight.
There’s nowhere to hide from him now tonight.
Alone in the city he staggers around.
People walk past, eyes fixed to the ground.
His head it is spinning, his vision is blurred.
He screams to the night. He needs to be heard.
A stranger walks past with a girl on his arm.
His thoughts they are wicked. He wants to do harm.
The stranger laughs at him, it sticks in his craw.
The stranger is struck with a first to his jaw.
The man he is felled to the concrete.
The crimson tide flows, warm through the street.
He spits on his victim with foolish pride.
This innocent boy is now Mr Hyde.
Blue and white shirts quickly appear.
The girl she screams for the man she holds dear.
One life is over, another destroyed.
Mothers’ tears flow for the fate of their boys.
Alone in his cell, his mind still deranged.
He ponders how his path has such changed.
How he went to that shop. How he failed to remember.
The first rule of sale - caveat emptor!
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As thoughts flow through pen to paper,
A dawning light begins to glow.
All the darkness inside starts to wither,
... continued
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to never think of others
to never give a d*mn
to hide away in corners
... continued
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I knew it was not real,
This time and sense of place,
I only wanted to lose my doubts,
... continued
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What did you expect?
Oh, loyalty?
mmkaay thaat's one,
... continued
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As we sit here on our own, i wish we were back home.
cuddled in your arms safe from harm.
the way you lokk into my eyes
... continued
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Thousands of galaxies, I only know of the Sun,
Some gleaming hot stars, others borrow his might;
Daily he wakes up early, life continuously on run,
... continued
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it is the fool inside you
who likes to smoke
they know the health risk
... continued
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Eyes of a Child
... continued
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The trembling of grass,
Roses in a vase,
Fingers in moist soil,
... continued
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