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Flocking into mass on this special day,
sharp and smartly turned out, two by two.
Chattering, chirping, bright-eyed, lovely,
full of life, and curious, testing boundaries.
Weaving in well-ordered waves
of whispering, undulating sound -
skilfully contained row by row,
carefully confined by solemn silence.
Pulling faces, making spaces,
packing in, shoulder to shoulder.
"Make less noise, worse than boys,
do stop shuffling, girls, do sit still."
Kneeling, praying, now softly singing,
cool and gracefully communing,
radiant as angels, pure and beautiful,
ardent souls, devout and dutiful.
Restless in relief, and ever ready,
the time has come to bow our heads,
with gentle sunlight's love caressing,
and await the welcome, final blessing,
Free as singing birds again, worldly,                   
spirited, and divinely incorrigible,
soaring, gliding, and finding the way,
Pax Vobiscum on this special day...
End Note: The girl's school noontime mass, a special event at our parish church can be a daunting and interesting experience for teachers and parishioners alike.
Noontime Mass © Dermott Ryder
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Visibly inebriated and slouching around the fair, trying to look for her.
I am alone passing the colorful purple blue and gold merry go round, gazing at the multi illuminated Ferris wheel. Played a few carnival games, some fun, some her. I start to hear an earthquake begin to burst through my ears as I hear her coming.she loves to surprise.
We are no longer alone and the moon is neon red fitting to this "relationship" "we" are so f*ck*ng happy about. I am imprisoned in what you would call love, and what I would call a reoccurring natural disaster. She of course..the warden of this prison slumps me in a cheap circular ride. Spinning us around and round. I'd say I have 7 days at best. Counting down the days.
... continued
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I was young when I got lost for the first on a school bus. I was really scared back then and of course I didn't cuss. I didn't know what to do; I was in a unfamilar area and had no clue. Anyway who in the hell has to take a bus at the age of nine.
I finally knocked on a door and a lady opened her door that wasn't so kind. She would barely open her door and she said what are you here for. I said I am lost and I have no money for a  another return bus cost. I could tell that she thought I was a bother.
... continued
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Hell's flames twisting, vicious magma of orange black, all despair bottled within the angry flow, straining upward in slow eruption, reaching, but decietful in movement, fury guiding along this arm of swift death and ruination. Instable lock alone impedes escape, impedes an earth turned red, men turned bone turned ash, oceans into screams and flowers to haze. On the surface there is calm as its growing fumes intoxicate with confusion and enjoyment. Sickness conquers health, hate parades as love, laughs of scorn echoing far. Face close, peering through a palm, green swords coloring vision's edge, an embrace of scent sublime, there may be a few unprepared for the burst of anarchy and destruction, but those in the minority matter little. Approach, inflamous doom.
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these prayers sing amongst an unforgiven leaf
that had fallen by my footstep, crunched in splitting tides of season
I had,
... continued
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I bet your brain feels as good as new
Seeing as you've never used it
What's a new thing that you've done
... continued
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by Mark B
Tie me to a stake and set me on fire
Like a heretic prophet filled with unearthly desires
Throw the first rock
... continued
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Breath over Breaths , 
Passions lit bright ,
Such is the tale and intense lovers' plight ,
... continued
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When i see you,
the fireworks are evrywhere,
Sun never goes down,
... continued
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The journey has begun, they all yelled with a look of determination. So off they went into a unknown world. Each with their own reason ready to begin a new life prepared for any bump along the way. Bound to the freedom they seek to achieve but the road is a maze full of possibility. Where will they end up is the question on all their mind's.
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