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morning light
light up the sky
just enough so i can see
the birds eating their seeds  out in the yard
morning light ,you are so bright
morning light is shining bright
morning light turns into daylight
daylight you are so bright
light up the sky with all your might.
daylight soon turns into moonlight
moonlight shines oh so bright
moonlight lights up the night
moonlight is fading away
moonlight fades its reaching dawn
moonlight is gone but not for long
 it has daylight to carry on.
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The wizard and his looking glass
He's held by images moving fast
Creeping feelings of dillussion
... continued
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 If tears could become known
It shall be one’s own
That shall try to speak
... continued
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It's hard to fall asleep at night when I have to leave your side
It worries me that when I'm gone another will try to catch your eye
Not a moment goes by that I don't see the great divide 
... continued
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The night was quiet
The night seemed long
I haven't any sleep in oh so long
... continued
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It's as if my heart is at peace now
It's been aching for a while 
You've healed it like only you know how
... continued
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Never stop flowing so you can 
one day be a master poet. 
Words are golden so express 
them with full explosion. Be a Trojan 
a heroic solider that’s notice so 
stay focus and let your heart open. 
creativity in motion can melt a soul 
that’s frozen. Drinking a poetical potion  
is my notion for a sad person that’s sinking in the ocean
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it's time to reach your goal

no one can stop you
... continued
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There is no way I can any longer deny, this
feeling that I have for you inside though I try.
With you is where I want to be. Forever, completely
and openly. We've both learned from our pasts
that life is fragile at best. We have both been
through some of life's most challenging tests.
This love is going to follow us wherever we go.
A love this strong can only continue to grow.
What is right, what is wrong. We will learn it all as we go
along. I want to walk down the path towards Gods light.
With you by my side every day and night.
And into the dawn that the new days will bring.
I want to give you all I have in me, everything.
Never sacrificing our friendship which for me is so dear.
Our love seems so natural, the answers so clear.
I feel so safe and loved in your arms. Your love is what
keeps me warm. We are being blessed by receiving the
ultimate gift from God above. For He has given us another
chance at a real true love...

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Quantum activism on a mission to decipher the illusion of this hypnotism. Reality isn't what you think, see or even envision. There is no truth in the hadron collisions, through the wormhole your brain gets cut with incisions, your left with only indecision. An after life is what you're wish'n, but how can it be real if there never even was an existence. How long will it take you to ascend from this prison and break the encryption. Quantum activist on a mission to find OZ and when I do Ill eat it like a rabies infested, infected, evil dead, possessed, umbrella corporation dog.
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