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(Dedicated to my dead husband Michael)

Without you
My letters are sad
Pointless letters…

Without you
The night,
Is a night of a soul wave!
A wave of nostalgia
On evil rivers.

Without you,
I’m not a beach anymore,
In the wind of your touch
I’m waiting for a morning of soft sand
A tide of birds far away
A ship of thousands for tomorrow!

Without you,
I’m a black algae
And algae in the current of your seas
An hour of purple springs
Flowers of wind and tides
Cry and sighs
And I wait,
At the gate of your words.

Without you,
I’m a soul wave
A pale of wind
An estranged wave of dream.

Original Copyright in French 1999. Translated to English in 2012.

Below is the French version( as request of many poets who understand french)

Sans toi

Sans toi….
Mes lettres sont tristes,
Lettres inutiles.

Sans toi..
Ma bouche articule
Des mots oublies
Et ma langue figee
Est un morceau de cuir.

Sans toi…
Le soir ,est un soir de vague a l’ame
Vague de souvenir
Mer de nostalgie
Sur des rivages blancs.

Sans toi…
Je ne suis plus plage au vent de tes caresses
En attendant un matin de sable fin
Marin des oiseaux lontaines
Bateau des milles demaines.

Sans toi…
Je suis un algue noire
Algue au courrant de tes mains
Heure des fleuves mauves
Fleurs de vent et des marees
Pleurs et sanglots
Des aubes roses
Et j’attends l’aurore
Aux porte de tes mots.

Sans toi…
Vague a l’ame
Lune mauve a la peine
Vent vers toi a perdre haleine.
Je suis voile au vent
D’un lontaine reve….

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This child of God
Made in his perfect image 
Given a talent
... continued
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The vows we made that day.
Said together we would always stay.
Off to our honeymoon in the sky.
... continued
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The time has stood still;
A bird in the garden is 
Singing pleasantly
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I told my mouth
Just hush don't speak
but words came
... continued
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Holding on to your past,
Trying to live your life through,
Lingering moments of fun and laughter,
... continued
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The house is always one big mess.
The kids are hardly ever dressed.
The garbage is never out curbside.
Wifey can do that, she's got time!
You spend your days goofing off.
I spend mine with a broom and mop.
I work eight hours too you know?
This second job has got to go!
Games and fun! That's your life
Ever since you got a wife.
Since when did I become your maid?
And when did the romance start to fade?
Isn't there someone better out there?
Someone who won't forget to care?
Who always picks up around the place
and tells me I have a pretty face?
Who wont take his wife & family for granted?
It'd be nice to find a hopeless romantic.
The fool leaves his woman angry and alone
She'll find a new man as well as new home.

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by Henra H
Delicate as flowers
I devour,
... continued
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A year before …
A powerful earthquake,
Shattered our state!
... continued
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Mummy,Mummy, don't let me go
I just want to have that chance to grow
I wanna see the world before it goes away
... continued
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