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Cease the thought
Earn the peace
Stop the talk
to earn the silence

Drink the river of silence
Sing the song of ocean

Bird of space
But imprisoned in cage
Unfold the wings
But can never fly in the sky

Truth you know
But never speak
when you need talk
you become silent

Why do you not move the spirit
To direct your tongue
And open the lips
to remember the taste of words
Spoken and heard

Why not you allow your Temple to disclose
the Truth of Worship and prayer you enclose

~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta~~~~
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When she was five, she studied dance at school 
Carrying her slippers while jumping up the walk  
Practicing her moves under the oak by the pool 
Drawing a stage and orchestra with yellow chalk 
Every year getting better by loving to dance ballet 
Pirouettes were flawless while dancing in recitals 
Money tight and her tights and shoes began to fray  
Soon no dancing studio it was a luxury item not vital 
Her mother placed a barre in the garage to help learn 
Finally at age twelve she got lambs wool stiff shoes 
Dancing by herself every day after school to feel the burn 
of the tingling while dancing en pointe to her  reviews 
At thirteen, her mother died, and she stopped ballet.  
Her life changed, and her love affair for dance removed 
The barre is still in the garage with car mats now on display 
Tutu's white mesh streaked from suns rays were grooved 
Eighteen years old and needing money on which to live 
Pirouettes on a dimly lit stage surrounding a pole painted gold 
Dance to memory of the oak the woman had just tears to give 
Sorrowful Dancer chance led a path to this story told 
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I used to be in love with
A beautiful brown-eyed lady.
She told hundreds of lies
... continued
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Okay seriously fellow poets, if that's what you call yourselves, what's up with the sugarcoated reviews. Fours and fives on total sh*t.

What too scared to tell someone on the Internet that they need some work or that their poem isn't even a poem ?
... continued
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Thank you Lord for granting me life on this earth
 Thank you for nurturing me with your words since my birth
... continued
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I tried something last night as I thought it was the time,
A few beers and too many shots to drink you off my mind.
It seemed like a good plan but little did I know,
... continued
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I could sit here for a thousand years
and recite these words from my heart
but would you read between the lines
... continued
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I'm trying to write a poem of love here!
However, the site is bugging the hell out of me
So in the middle of this love poem let me make it clear:
... continued
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Long ago in the land of tyranny and turpitude lived an evil witch 
Keeper of the dragons letting them loose on the local village 
Extracting money and services for their protection to be rich 
Unbeknownst to the witch the people were tired of the pillage 

The mayor asked if there was anyone brave enough to steal her wand 
Every man in the building said no and everyone was afraid of her power 
Finally, a woman stood up and announced "I will be the one to respond." 
The men laughed at the delicate lady with raven hair that did not cower 

The mayor asked, "Why do you think you can defeat this witch of lorn." 
"I am tenacious when it comes to protecting my children," said the lady 
"Being a mother and fighting a witch are different" they all said with scorn 
The raven hair lady then stated "I will think of all of you as my baby." 
Finally, the town folk relented because no one else stood up for the job 
They all wondered how the delicate and beautiful woman would succeed 
She decided not to wait because surely word would reach from the mob 
The witches house was protected by forest animals that she would feed 

When walking plans were hatched to kill the witch upon her initial arrival 
She walked right up to the house with noises from the animals to alarm 
The witch was waiting "What can you say to me to assure your survival." 
"Dear witch I want to learn from your knowledge," she said with her charm 

The witch was taken back from the beauty that showed up at her door 
"I don't take on apprentices" the witch said in an angry tone as she turned 
"Wait don't leave, maybe just be friends" the beauty said trying to implore 
"I don't know," said the witch, a troll was a friend or hers that got burned 

The witch formulated an idea in her devious mind to take the lady's beauty 
"It was rude of me young lady, you coming all this way," said the sly witch 
"Please come in my home" the witch said in a friendly tone "It's my duty." 
The witch was giddy with her plans to be young, beautiful and overly rich 

The beauty saw the wand on the table by the fireplace in the main room 
"Excuse me ma'am I don't know your name," said the beauty pleasantly 
She hardly had company "Matilda," she said while looking at her broom 
"Matilda, that's quite lovely," said the beauty as she answered hesitantly 
Matilda did not feel threatened in the least by this delicate little female 
"It's only proper young lady for you to tell me your name," asked Matilda 
The beauty not wanting to tell the witch her real name so she said "Gayle" 
Sensing a lie, Matilda confronted the woman "Isn't your real name Gilda." 

Gilda frightened, how did Matilda know her real name, did she read minds 
"You tried to outsmart me you little b*tch," Matilda said with an evil laugh  
I will become you, and you will become me, placing Gilda in her binds 
Gilda's plan worked as thought out; Matilda would soon know her gaffe 

Matilda made her potion of transference with the knowledge of the cult 
"Drink this potion Gilda if you want to live at all," Matilda said so proudly 
Gilda was smarter than people knew, and she was a good witch to a fault 
The transference occurred but not as Matilda had planned, crying loudly 

"What is going on" Matilda confused by the potion's unusual reactions 
Gilda had cast a spell on Matilda to get the transference recipe wrong 
Matilda's potion now made her a mirror of Gilda with the same actions 
Matilda let Gilda out of her binds and proved to everyone she was strong 
The townspeople were relieved because the reign of fire was over now 
Gilda has the wand, and Matilda is now a sister and forgot about her past 
Moral of the story don't think a delicate woman can't defeat you some how 
and never know how losses impact your future, because life goes so fast 
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I have cursed you, lost faith in you and left you behind,
Looking over my shoulder the only foot steps I see are mine.
Love pulled out of my hands as I know happiness isn't for me,
... continued
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