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I got a note the other day
telling me
Don't worry about your love life,
first you have to learn to love life.
I looked who it was from and
It was signed
Love, life
I didn't even know she cared so
Now whenever I see her I'm like
"Hi Life"
She doesn't hear at first but answers eventually "What you need?"
"I just want you to come to me so we can get high Life"
She said "No, to get to me you have to come out on this ledge"
I'm like " Naw, That's too high life"
To get out there I would have to climb up over that grate life...
Right then I could tell by her face I was starting to grate life.
I'm nervous but maybe if I do I could live that great life.
But I don’t know cause she too fly for me,
She want to have that private plane life
I'm just want a safe and plain life
To live out on this flat land and have a house on the plain life.
Just simple life
She yelled at me saying "Why are you trippin’?! Just get up here."
I replied it is not that simple life…
I can see the risk in that climb, I'm not that simple life.
I thought about it more but turned around and said “No Life"
I think she called me a b*tch.
And that got to me
 But I know Life.
That was a ploy.
She can be a b*tch and difficult when things don't go her way
however I know if I fall, I'll have no life.
I may need to just keep it moving
However think I may be stuck in my past life.
I don't want regrets thinking I've failed and haven't passed life.
Which is what will happen if I move past life.
That would be a poor life. So to show her that I wanted her I yelled "I WANT YOU, I can feel it coming out my pore Life.
…She shrugged me off…
 I really mean it , don't you hear my out pour Life?"
Umm hmm I hear you...
But what I see is you still haven't made that climb, right?...
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A small town country star, she sparks up her
love beauty passion heart spirituality humor
romantically moment of her sweetheart life
... continued
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The mountains, ever high,
ever snow bound, they sigh;
you may hear a voice, grand,
... continued
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My heart yearns for you
Aches for you
Breaks because of you
... continued
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Why try to hide behind the truth? Knowing the truth shall set us free, we sit here and act like there's nothing wrong tired of singing and hearing the same old songs. What the hell went wrong! Can't we all just get along?
peace, love, soul, " Harmony" don't beat me down; just pick me up. God sent his son to die for us, nailed to the cross so our sins could be forgiven he's the Alfa and Omega the beginning to the end, your mother even your next of kin. All the way to the end of the earth the pain and suffering you badly felt I know it hurts. We were created for his own purpose so stop all this foolishness and stand up, stand up for what you believe in stand up and put all this killing to an end.
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Grim rythm
Monotonous drum beats
Wailing saxaphone
... continued
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You say you're the man, but who are you suppose to be
You're dressed to kill & looking for a good thrill
Traveling from here & there to GOD knows where
Phone conversations leading to sexual relations
Giving money to your honey
Visiting your dad, without a single worry
You're not the judge but the jury cuz you're the man
Carrying yourself so cool no one can call you a fool
Designer suits, cowboy boots,& holding an attache case
With a great big smile on your face
Your beepers ringing as, clients call your cell singing
As elloquent as can be, cuz you're the man not a turkey
You're good looking, southern cooking, female lurcher
Going to church sir captivating as you are, you
Speak as well as a Hollywood star, cuz you're the man
Spoiling kids you know, when you're on the go
Day in & day out, good words from your mouth
Helping people, if you can, cuz you're the man

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The old red rose, so wilted and worn,
with fading petals and humble and forlorn.
It used to sit upon a dusty old shelf and there it
... continued
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Listen to the voice within
Listen to the voice inside yourself.
... continued
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Enemies came to test our nerve
They should know we are born to serve
We will not spare their covertly curve
... continued
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