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Once true love starts.
It never ever departs.
May shred our hearts. 
Leaving them in parts.
But love never departs. 
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I don't mind I will stand post,
Can't handle that I stood up to you?
Many wouldn't but I'm not most!
... continued
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Can you read the title, you're not supposed to read this
Yes, I'm talkin' to you, I've only got a minute to lay this kiss
I'm pretendin' and posin' as a dreamin' old man of sixty some
... continued
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The sun is setting on me as my time is almost done,
Dawn will bring a new; it will be someone else son. 
... continued
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(Pack a picnic lunch – this is loooooooooooooooooong!)
Beryl was feral
... continued
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You randomly showed up in my life, when I least expected. You brought with you that spark, yo no se que? And I felt such an attraction inexplicable one. I felt delicate, I felt as of the skies were at my feet as if time stopped just to see me glow. All my eyes saw, all my ears heard, all my mind thought was You. Just when my body was thirsty you hydrated my soul with attention. Lacking of dreams, deep in the pain where no soul is heard, where its so deep light is no longer seen, where no one is allow to enter is where I let you in. You that glow up so high were the witness as I whispered what I did to only you. I felt ashamed and insecure, as if I lost my whole life in that one moment. And I realized now I really did lost myself in your eyes that night, lost who I was, I was no longer in control of my feelings. Something change within me, I'm scared not of what I did anymore I'm scared of who I have become. I want at least my reflection back. Silence is what surrounds me now, lost thoughts, pain, loneliness. I lost my best friend, I lost myself! I gave you up for someone that does not have a remote idea of my struggles, someone that does not know how precious my soul is or was wherever you are now, PLEASE come back to me. I hear the cry within me I hear myself calling for you, my one and only true love is missing. I will patiently wait for your return because I know you will forgive me with time. I will eternally wait as I need the time to forgive myself.
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The days have grown longer
The days have grown colder
But the rain continues to fall
... continued
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Eats at me
... continued
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Here is to you and your special day
After all, why not? It's your Birthday
Just don't ask me to wish you well
... continued
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I have man hands and I'm a woman
They're large and clunky just ugly
The names I've been called no fan
... continued
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