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I sit here in my room,

With my door shut tight,
Sharp razor in my hand,
I haven't strength left to fight.
I stare down at the floor,
Contemplating my next move, 
Then yell toward the heavens,
“I have nothing else to prove.”
“Why have I been cursed,
With a disorder like this?”
As I move the blade,
Closer to my wrist.
Suddenly the room,
Is filled with a glowing light,
Then I hear a voice,
“What gives you the right?”
Standing before me, 
Are a dozen tortured souls,
Some have cuts on their bodies,
And a few have bullet holes.
A young girl in the middle,
With sunken eyes and raggedy hair,
Spoke right at me,
While the others just stood there.
“I hear my mother crying,
Night after painful night,
Screaming at God,
As she thrashes with all her might.”
“Sarah had two children,”
As she points to another girl,
“Now they belong to the state,
And their lives are in such a whirl.”
“Everyone you see here,
Has left someone behind,
If only we knew then,
How doing this was so unkind.”
“I know that you feel,
You are in torture and pain,
But to take your life,
You have nothing to gain.”
“You'll leave behind sadness and sorrow,
And so much strife,
And then it may cause,
Someone else to take their life.”
“So throw away that blade,
And flush down those pills,
Get rid of anything,
That maims and kills”
“Talk to your family,
Let them know that you need help,
Tell them that you love them,
But you can't do this yourself.”
Living when you want to die,
Is the most courageous thing you can do,
Do it for the ones you love,
But most importantly, do it for you.
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Plastic people eating with plastic utensils
Cardboard couples creating cozy cutouts
Sand castles melting in the rain
... continued
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A writer is like a parent who is expecting
We are forever projecting
The found beauty
... continued
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When Angels cry all is not good
things are not going as they should.
They hear the cries of the babies from the trash can.
... continued
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Some people will do anything if the Price Is Right.
Even if it puts their family in Jeopardy.
They gamble their Life away like Let's Make A Deal.
... continued
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Who wants to know
The truth about me
I'm boooooooooring az fuq
... continued
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We see what we want to see.
We believe what we want to believe.
Never knowing when we are being deceived.
... continued
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She was a whimsical lady
She could write anything anytime
Fanciful, edgy, or mysterious
... continued
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I Love my beautiful brain 
Wisdom helps me ignorance to drain 

I love my head of black hair 
Enjoying sun and moon in chair 

i Love myself day and night 
Diamond in my eyes makes life bright 

I love my golden musical voice 
Melodious song of soft choice 

I love silver elastic muscular heart 
Stretches my true plans far and apart 

I love my abundance of delicate stomach 
To digest everything all without ache 

I love my masculine energy,fertility 
Which gave me my inherited progeny 

I love my healthy sturdy body the whole 
Which helps me to achieve worldly goal 

I Love my whole better than a dog 
Enjoying all weathers summer and fog 

I promise to love my soul eternal embrace 
So that I can love you all with just and grace. 

~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~ 
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So many endless cycles
Go round and round
Life pulls you along
... continued
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