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What took six hours of pain and agony, ended in God's undying love for his children. That undying love brought Jesus to the cross, where he hung in pain, but he felt it was worth the cost.

As the soldiers beat him and mocked his holy name, the crowd stood back and laughed, as Jesus hung in shame. God knew his son loved the world and he would do what no other man would do, but the pain and the agony he suffered was so much greater than anyone knew.

That old rugged cross is the symbol of love and the ultimate sacrifice ,  if his children  had a choice as Jesus did, would we have paid that same price? 

 That undying love Jesus had for us, enabled him to ascend above to prepare us a beautiful home, not made with human hands but with God's unconditional love. 

The Resurrection is a beautiful time that signifies Jesus has risen. Though no man can fathom what had occurred, it was as if  Jesus had freed them from their own spiritual prison.

The price Jesus paid for his children was the symbol of his undying love, t'was the greatest and ultimate sacrifice!! 
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Inspired: restless, sleepless

Waking up! Wrote I, my deepest 
... continued
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Love is like a shadow
It is always there with you
But it's just as dark 
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Misunderstood is one way to put it. Free roaming, subconscious loathing. Paying a toll to the other side even before I have said goodbye. take it in with my ressive pride. Should the beast be allowed such a gift. It's to good to not be a fight, a reason to gripe. Sometimes wrong but it's just got to be right. Coincidence can only go so far till it's an unseen truth.
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Δυόσμο και βασιλικό

Ένας γκρίζος ουρανός, στάθηκε σαν τιμωρός ,
... continued
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For you I will do something new
Like kiss the sunshine, drink Mountain Dew
I’ll hug an ant and buy a star
... continued
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Out to the sea, the sun was shining decently and warmth
in the whole entire world upon thee, a man who discovered
the world in his hands, he has been traveled so far in his
... continued
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Is the pain in your eyes
Why is that ?            
When you smile, your smile not flashing in eyes 
Why your smile wrapped me in pain
What are you sad
If ever you meet me
So i want to ask you
Your sorrow
Your pain
Your painful tears
I want ask about them all
You seem to be alone in the Warcraft
You'll dwell alone
I feel your pain myself
My desire is that to remove your suffering
I hold your and want to take off your all distress in my own 
I want to winding your tears to my eyelashes 
I want to change your sad smile in happiness
I hold your hand i'll visit you the world of the lights and brights 
Where you'll forget the darkness of sorrow
I just wanted
You always happy in all circumstances
You to be happy every second, every minute, every time
Doesn't pass any sorrow to touch you
I am praying to God
God bless you every joy of your life
And fill your heart with joy
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He is the supreme power.......

He is the Supreme power
... continued
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Look at his face made of stone
See his eyes as cold as snow
He made a mistake , a choice that was wrong
... continued
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