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Written or spoken words have incredible, magical power
Appeal to our emotions as the fragrance or the scent of a flower
Create a dominant image in our minds, have a profound impact
Easily remembered and retained, undeniable true fact
Words can revitalize, hearten, inspire and motivate
Shape the course of life; make us change our own fate
Right words can nurture your soul
Give you strength to attain a goal
Have the power to build confidences
Ensure long, unmitigated life alliances
Words can stir our emotions
Have set whole nations in motion
The tongue of the wise brings healing
Convert your words into blessing
Reckless words stab, pierce like a sword
Learn to pick and select the meticulous word
Poorly chosen words can lower expectations
Hold people back, kill motivation
Don’t tear down people with words of criticism
In your judgment, avoid any fanaticism
Use words to ignite change, support and uplift
All the way through life be trained to radically shift
The right words spoken or written the right way
Can bring love, empathy and respect all the way.
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I have wrote two poems about you but I still haven't cried,
Looking for something in storage I found your picture the other night.
... continued
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I didn't think Simone would show
to a mutual place that we know.
Then in came this larger woman
... continued
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It's hard to put words down
When left alone to cry
It's like trying to write a will
... continued
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Our Wounded Journey
Was a Tough Pill to Swallow
With these War Torn Slippers
... continued
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I walk through life with sadness
the girl I love's now strange,
Words I said, unkind and rash
... continued
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by JAX U
Screaming, a release of air
From my fragile lungs
I must breath, I must care
... continued
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What was that? The windows went click clack. 
I heard the shuffling of feet surrounding me, going black. 
White light is all I see, my arms are against my back, 
the murmured sound of doctors spilling crazy jargon. 
Pleading guilty by reason of insanity, what was bargained? 
My first thought was to scream but I decided to speak. 
Nothing came out but nonsense babble, situation bleak. 
Transferred to another table, straps tugging on my arms, 
I heard in my dazed state, “Welcome, I’m Dr. Barnes”. 
Then the table rotated and I was in the vertical position, 
then clearly I could see, thought it must be the sedation. 

An audience was gathered up above, looking intrigued at me. 
What was I some kind of monster, propped up for all to see? 
The Dr. began to speak “We shall make this man anger free”. 
This is not right, all I did was fight a man for insulting my pride, 
plead guilty by reason of insanity my lawyer said “No time inside”. 
I did not want to go to prison again; I said yes, what was I thinking. 
I was promised 6-months of mental evaluation, classic head shrinking. 
Then in the audience I spotted the man I beat, next to my attorney, 
I was fooled into this situation trapped with no way off this gurney. 
“This procedure is in its experimental stage, the first human subject”,  
my life as I knew it before was over, reduced to a lab rat, a reject. 

I must try with all my strength to free myself from this lab torment, 
summoning all my worth as a man, twist and turn my energy spent. 
I could not break free, tears rolled, became the rat for the descent. 
“There will be three laser insertions into the cranium” the Dr. said. 
I was awake for this gruesome display of eradication, I wish I was dead. 
“First we shall perform an incision in the cerebrum area” what the hell? 
“Second a laser will be shot to the Deep Limbric System” prefer a cell. 
“Third, we must be careful or he will lose his sight” last words heard. 
The smell of burning flesh filled my nose, could see, but not say a word. 
The muffled tones and smell continued, finally I dosed off to sleep. 
Awoken to claps, “It is complete and we have taken his anger to keep”. 

Thank God I am alive; seeing the guy I beat, laughing at my predicament. 
Something is wrong; it did not bother me and a stronger sense of scent. 
Smelling like an animal the odor filled my nose like there was no vent. 
Taken to recovery and aroused from my daze, but still strapped to the bed. 
Tried to vocalize words, nothing but gasps of air, no words were said. 
“Now, now, don’t get yourself all worked up” the nurse said over me. 
Drifting off again, was it a bad dream, brought on by my anger history. 
Yes I was dreaming, just the last drugs I took before going to the asylum. 
Laughing at myself, I was part of an experiment, that’s just dumb. 
It’s illegal without consent to experiment on my brain, I thought to myself. 
Terror filled me, but no rage or ill will, pieces of  brain displayed on a shelf. 
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I imagine you
always, for the first time
burgeoning like an 
... continued
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I am ok being the King of lonely hearts,
Never to have a Queen to share or take part.
... continued
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