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One, two....
I started my day, by stepping in poo.
Three, four...
I shut my hand in the car door.
Five, six...
 My hairs a mess, no matter how I try to fix.
Seven, eight...
I'm running behind, I'm going to be late.
Nine, ten...
Do I have to begin again???? 
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Strong Woman

It takes a strong women to stand up to a world of Haters
To deal with all those Jealousy eyes Looking down on me 
Times are difficult this I know ,
But I will never give up on Hope ,
To write my words down in History my Haters will only 
try to get the best of me ,
But any one could see they don't have a Life they waste it
all on me ,
We all have Choices to make , but some are too Lame but 
I wont Call out their names ,
I know I must be Strong knowing I am only One that the 
Haters are fight on , 
They call me names is so much hast but it will only Slap 
them in the face in the long run ,
It take's Courage  For a Woman like me to stand on my 
own with a world of Haters I take on ,
So please take a seat and watch me Eat and Please don't 
miss a beat ,
I strong Women like me will never let a Heater take over 
my seat , So cast Your stones at my thrown and take 
Some me home to read about me .

Lilly Emery
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What, saying that I was the one to poke the bear?
Am I the only living for freedom or to care?
... continued
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Surface wind blows a biting cold from off the Eastern shore
Sand dunes building up creating hillocks wanting more
The waves dance with shimmering lights on the vast horizon
... continued
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In no particular order:

... continued
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As I watch as the rain falls from the trees,
I stop and think of you one of my happy memories.
... continued
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The day you left me my world fell apart,
it hurt me so bad its locked inside my heart.
\It su*** knowing you left me for no apparent reason,
... continued
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We are the lights
We are the shadows
You love, but yet fear us
... continued
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The young people of today
Are thrown into disarray
... continued
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When is it okay to be Peter Pan?
Growing up to be your own man.
... continued
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