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We         walk among the land 
               with a mask of two.
                One eye me.
                One eye you.
Can         there be an infinity,
                if all to see is one?
               Our infinity is opening,
               there is only one.
Only      one choice
                one mistake,
                one idea,
                one life.
See          our sprinkles of light
                shine gold,
                within the dark.
                We know that there is no limit in our sparks.
                We all fall in the glaze within the eye of
Half         of us believe in two eyes,
                the rest accepts our being as it is.
Of          all the colours surrounding us,
              blue,yellow,red,green,purple, and orange.
              We can only pick one.
              It is impossible to choose two.
The      lights that we walk within will forever be engrave 
             as our faith,
             as our soul.
             One eye me,
              one eye you.
              This is who we are.
              This is our
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Pictures the light paints:
Lines of sadness on her face,
But eyes of power,
... continued
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... continued
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My Prayer Answered
I was roping in the bleak
... continued
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It's like walking barefoot with the fresh sand beneath your feet; you expose yourself completely to your husband and experience a love so sweet. He places a fire inside your spirit that no one else can light; when you are lost and can't find your way, he is your star shinning ever so bright. Sometimes the world gets overbearing and smothering, you feel overwhelmed like you just can't breathe and can't get air; and then your husband wraps his strong but gentle arms around you, showing that you're not alone, he's right there. At times he may react to quick to a situation raising his voice and slipping words that may hurt like a knife; but he's a man and apologizes, and you realize nobody is perfect, regardless, this man is your life! Sometimes she may get so wrapped up in her feelings she can't help but be overwhelmed with different emotions and cry; though fustrated, he still loves her with all that's inside of him, there's no question of why. No matter how rough patches of life can be you're the reason why each others world is so happy; he even over looks her need for things to be a little too sappy. Because of each other their days are filled with laughter and nights with the sweetest dreams; the love in your heart makes your eyes just sparkle with the most beautiful beams. No matter what life throws at either one of you, you take each other hold tight, and don't let go; and that's just half of how you love someone unconditionally so.
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Day Break
... continued
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When I was young, I watched people.
I watched the men off to work in the early dawn,
... continued
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Playing with matches,
you just might  get burned,
the heart I had delivered,
... continued
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Two men stood looking out the window.
One man saw the debris left behind the storm.
He looked down and saw how things were torn.
... continued
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If I have missed something along the way, I pray to God to allow me one more day.'
One more day to get it right and not to be freightened neither by  day nor night.I pray he clothe me with his arms to keep me warm and shelter me from raging storms, and protect me from the enemy 
If  You were to appear at my door  My desire would be to need Earth no more. With hands stretched out to hold and receive You my Lord would smile and say, I am pleased that you believed. And if I had surpassed the mustard seed which You had required of me. I would continue to fall upon my knees. As you are the Lord  of Lords and King of Kings and to this day that means Everything...
... continued
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