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Love was just a word
until you came to me
then you taugh me how
love was meant to be

It only has four letters
but "oh" what these letters mean
to a girl of only sixteen

You took my heart in
then you set it free
oh if only you loved me
the way that I love you
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My love fell flat

I know I love you more than my life -
... continued
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Those who walked away
... continued
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I am so sorry
I bothered you with my thoughts,
I should have thought twice.
... continued
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Has love always eluded me
Do I find that I want more
Or am I just asking to much
... continued
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I asked God to send me a friend,
  A precious gift that would never end.
    I have been truly blessed,
... continued
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Life of trials, walk of fire;
Despise it not, it's His desire
As I walk in times of death
... continued
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Shattered dreams have paved the way
across the noble deeds they say
to eager must be tought to dwell
... continued
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Why don't words flow out
Why doesn't time race about
Why can't it be seen clearly
... continued
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Still too wise to die for you
To make of your lies a world of true
To see in your eyes someone I knew
And then realise, none of that was true.

The soulmate tail 
The beating and the yell
The perfection that seemed to fail
Gave me the finest vision of hell.

The hell of burning emotions
The tears that could fill the oceans
The smell of a burning heart
Falling apart.

Besides burning, we've tasted grin
As you used to feel my skin
My pale chin 
My hips too thin.

As you used to bring me joy
To be my men and be my boy
But still had the ability to carefully destroy
Break me into pieces then sit and enjoy.

As you used to be my child 
You've shown me innocent and shown me wild
On each time I cried you smiled
Then walked away as I reviled.

Dark memories, is that all we've got?
You've grown in me a blind spot
That keeps me of seing the bad you've brought
That could harm more than a big shot.

Even though I'm still too wise to die
I ain't too wise to wish that you'd come by
To refresh the try
To cease the cry
And finally get my tears to dry.

I ain't that wise to give up the dream
To stop the scream
Of a throat smothering, seeking for you
Seeking for the dreams to become true.

Why are you this far from me?
Raise your head to the sky and see what I see
Perhaps we won't be close any soon
But whenever you miss me, just look at the moon.
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