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Its a beautiful day no matter what
The sunshine and flowers that we all got
Its a blessing from above that we must appreciate
As the natural beauty is right at our gate

As in spring the trees bloom all over
There are pretty blooms from all the flowers
So look around and you will see
There is a lot of beauty for you and me

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Instead of trying to live "in God's grace"
Many today want to be "in your face"
But if you do, you risk the fate
... continued
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Here I lay a Lifeless entity.
My Daddy never really loved me,
this is how he raised me to be.
... continued
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He’s having another baby
and it’s not at all with me.
He told me that he loved me,
... continued
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One by one..the minutes creep by.
In darkness I sit, as I hopelessly cry.
Cutting into my arms, with this little blade.
... continued
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snakes are coiled on the granite
falcons fly unto the west
feline eye marks the transit
a nested bird in gentle rest

setting sun and moon is rising
Cheshire eyes aglow, intent
some are born and some are dying.
the drum keeps beating for what is meant

cardiac clocking, pounding, throbbing
hungry moon in stellar nest.
feline fanged the blood, the rapture,
the drummers throbbing rhythm, sent

reason why, Fates enterprising
the drummers clocking call.
Now is born, there, is dying
for all an end, the truest law.

E.R Ganz
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There is a Measure of fractions take
Chronos, quartz, to calculate
the azimuth of Eros, spies it's find
the atoms Empire, the quantum, climbs

pure Valence coils the atoms orbit
axis centrus, clocks the ambit
reeling Wheel lay lumens call
a colleen light of spectral law

the Flesh is Light! the Heart, the Tongue
a Carbon anthem from luminous lung
the burning candle of carbons den
Caress of Eros, a diamond

a zenith, Known, by visions lens
the stars have shown the fate of men
an alien algebra whose Number, grows
the Photon stays, the shadow, shows...
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A very short, nonsensical piece containing made-up words and terms, in a language created on the spot.
Pome by Joseph Hess, no rights reserved...
... continued
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Does anybody know what hides behind
faces of false virtue,
with picture perfect smiles,
... continued
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My heart feels like it's melting, but I must be a leader,
fall from love with batter, and back in with the beater.
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