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The night can prove so desolate
When you find yourself alone
I guess someone left you broken
And you wander on your own.

All those shattered yesterdays,
No, you can't give any more.
So you lie yourself so willingly
In pieces on the floor.

Well it hurts to lose yourself,
Yea, we all remember well.
But you can't find it in a mirror
And your mind's a prison cell.

When your arms are empty
You can't fill them up with greed.
But when your heart is empty
I can give you all you need.

Beautiful friend,
Why does the world get you down?
You can find me when your faith is gone.
I'll always be around.

And you're feeling out of place
As you wander on your way.
Never finding home-
A restless stow-away.

Don't feel so lost, my dear one,
Though you wander sea to sea.
Beside my heart through all the years
You've had a home in me.                                   

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Honesty is a wholesome, hearty virtue
A quality, an asset that I still value
... continued
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Life is a complete drama Not an one act play 
Play your cards well in hand to finish the game 
================ ================== 
Here we all sit at our desk as per our choice 
To get the colors of life and to raise our voice 
Unique people blessed with rare talent insight  
Always they live,never die to make world bright 

Gazing deep into the hidden chambers of soul  
You want to listen last words of the Hero,s goal  
And how the mad girls forgetting their lovely fetus 
As morning dew melts in reflecting petals of Lotus 
Do you know the real needs of night shift worker 
Paralytic patient crawling in insomnia wants shelter 
How to resolve the best like King-Queen happy story  
When villain time plays its role to drift life curry to worry 
All sting operations cross the limit of many a genius  
But still waiting who can paint a true virgin on canvas 
~~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~~ 
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Somehow a toe-tag appeared
On my big toe last night
Was it just a spooky dream
... continued
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Pain pain don't go away.
Please, come back another day.
For with out you, I can not see
... continued
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I feel a lot of anxiety around the fact that
I don’t know whether or not I’ll one day look back and feel satisfied.
What should I be doing now to put me in the best position possible for me to be able to do that in 30, 40 years?
... continued
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Unlit Candles Give No Light

Untold yarns tell no tale.
... continued
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I often sit
And reminisce about past spirits
Loved ones that have gone on to past
... continued
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You had faith in me
When I've doubted myself
You've opened your arms
... continued
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There once was a boy on Hillsbury Lane
Whose mother and father were rather insane
 He tried to comprehend but it was always in vain
... continued
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