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Dance a little dance
Pose in a sexy stance
Go ahead take a chance
Give him sweet romance

Sometimes it's okay 
to let it go his way
Go ahead and play
Do what he says

Give in to his desires
get the shock wires
A red head he admires
vamping to start fires

Role play be a sprite
Stiletto's to add height
Whatever is his delight
He is your man tonight

Some may say it sexist
that you should resist
However, love to insist
I love men that love to


     If it feels right to you
            no shame 
       in being a woman
       that likes to screw 
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My heart needs a vaction
relaxation free from the trials of flesh
No heart attack, cardiac arrest
... continued
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Belt waist cuss trap mish no! Stop.

"Mish Trap!
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when I was at my my ropes end 
you were always there my good friend
finding me to start the night
... continued
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I am from childhood
Feeling lonely in every minute
I have many relations
... continued
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I made a staircase to the sky, my goal to reach the stars. I climbed and climbed and got so far I nearly touched the dark. But I fell in my haste to breach the night and came toppling down. See, the thing about this stair, is that you can only go up it once. And once you do you’re done with that dream, but the thing about that is that, that was just one and you’ve got plenty that you deny. So off you go to build another, another, another, until you’ve just brushed the vail of the atmosphere. Will you fall or dance in victory with drops of jupiter in your hair?
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the cold touch all too fimilar
sliding her thin old boney finger down my spine
... continued
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