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I surmise a Tunisia of honesty
A Tunisia that calls for higher morality
I trust a Tunisia of openness
Sincerity and straightforwardness
Not of cheating, hypocrisy and double-dealing
A Tunisia that appraises every human being
A Tunisia that pledged its citizens dignity
Justice, employment and equality
Enhancement of self-respect and confidence
The aspiration for a surpassing existence
The termination of tyranny, political oppression
The sovereignty to converse without repression
I trust a Tunisia that will dry out the poor’s tears
Dissipate their anxieties and fears
Will implement democracy in each institution
Have strapping faith in progressive swap and evolution
I rely on a Tunisia whose citizens are fully aware
To their country, they devote great care
Condemn bribery and corruption
Geared up to vote freely the day of the election
I surmise a Tunisia that grants opportunities to all
A Tunisia that is determined to thrive, not to fall
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Plastic people eating with plastic utensils
Cardboard couples creating cozy cutouts
Sand castles melting in the rain
... continued
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When Angels cry all is not good
things are not going as they should.
They hear the cries of the babies from the trash can.
... continued
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I Love my beautiful brain 
Wisdom helps me ignorance to drain 

I love my head of black hair 
Enjoying sun and moon in chair 

i Love myself day and night 
Diamond in my eyes makes life bright 

I love my golden musical voice 
Melodious song of soft choice 

I love silver elastic muscular heart 
Stretches my true plans far and apart 

I love my abundance of delicate stomach 
To digest everything all without ache 

I love my masculine energy,fertility 
Which gave me my inherited progeny 

I love my healthy sturdy body the whole 
Which helps me to achieve worldly goal 

I Love my whole better than a dog 
Enjoying all weathers summer and fog 

I promise to love my soul eternal embrace 
So that I can love you all with just and grace. 

~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~ 
Somebody has flagged this poem,THANK U Flagger.. 
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My neighbor is odd
His name is Tod
He smells like cod
... continued
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Respect is freely given
Trust has to be earned
Disrespect is forgiven
... continued
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Sitting here alone,
trying to force you from my life.
but my soul will not let me,
my heart made up my mind.
\It hurts far too much,
for me to feel this way.
I did nothing wrong,
so why must I pay?
Perhaps I let myself,
fall for you too fast.
now all there's left to do,
is leave you in my past.
But it isn't quite that easy,
not like I thought it was.
but its what i need to do,
because...just because.

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Standing on the sea bank.
Hearing the waves roar.
... continued
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When i die i would like to be an organ donar saw my leg,heart and lungs live on forever maybe my skin can be used as pig skinlike a football so they can hold me on tight fighting to be held , with love and pasión sharing in the sky in the raín to make it to the mud or dirt where we all came from.
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If you are trying to get your poem posted and the server
drops, instead of reviewing the poems the site selects for you
... continued
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