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Why am I still held hostage by my mind?
Looking for a future in a past that left me behind.
You fill my thoughts out of the blue.
My heart torn again just remembering you.
I thought moving on would come with time.
That lie no longer true as my head returns to the scene of the crime.

How do you just consume my memory.
Making me smile over stupid times you shared with me.
Laughing in bed over nothing at all.
Hold ing my heart in your hands making me feel so small.
That first moment we met knowing it was meant to be.
To that first kiss when you set my heart free.

How did we lose our way? What went wrong?
When did we start singing to two different songs?
I thought by now you would be lost to the past.
That the feelings that I had would have gone at last.
You still fill my thoughts, I am lost to the love that we knew.
Your memory tearing me down leaving me blue.
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The desire to write an express myself.
Can't be measured with money or wealth.
... continued
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Rotting in the insanity of humanity, finding pleasure in another's desparity.
Trapped in between dimensions, left in a state of suspension.
Broken fragments of a shattered soul, a mirror's reflection of horrors untold.
... continued
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Replete of all its splendor,
my withered heart beats.... 
Such a sad and tortured drum.
... continued
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My neighbor is odd
His name is Tod
He smells like cod
... continued
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by Cee Kay
I struggle to believe the words you say,

you say you will always stay,
... continued
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I Love my beautiful brain 
Wisdom helps me ignorance to drain 

I love my head of black hair 
Enjoying sun and moon in chair 

i Love myself day and night 
Diamond in my eyes makes life bright 

I love my golden musical voice 
Melodious song of soft choice 

I love silver elastic muscular heart 
Stretches my true plans far and apart 

I love my abundance of delicate stomach 
To digest everything all without ache 

I love my masculine energy,fertility 
Which gave me my inherited progeny 

I love my healthy sturdy body the whole 
Which helps me to achieve worldly goal 

I Love my whole better than a dog 
Enjoying all weathers summer and fog 

I promise to love my soul eternal embrace 
So that I can love you all with just and grace. 

~~~~~Jawahar Gupta ~~~~  
Somebody has flagged this poem, again,THANK U Flagger..  
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पटाखो कि दुकान से दूर हाथों मे,
कुछ सिक्के गिनते मैने उसे देखा...

... continued
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I might need a tissue for this one. My first taste to know someone's gone. Forever wishing he could see me doing what I loved. Really not the same to feel he's watching from above. Carrying that casket my fathers life was done. The first walk to his grave feeling oh so wrong. And as the tears would fall I was screaming towards the sun. Giving me back my father this isn't where he belongs. A jr that still needs him, needed by his son. But not just me that needs him, too many still needing his love. Every person my fathers heart touched. Now you're just in all our thoughts. But wasn't enough time that I got. 12 years still want my father back.
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Why'd you do it?
Four years old and you made my twin,
stand beneath the downspout
... continued
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