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Once upon a modern time
A woman wrote a little rhyme
To tell people of her great tale
Of how she caused a witch to fail

The witch was once her princes love
He bowed to her as she stood above
Two children came from her trapping womb
The prince knew then, only gloom

Their love was dead and regret was strong
In her eyes he did all things wrong
They parted ways in a manner most fowl
The witches heart turned black and shallow

Every woman who entered the princes life
Was hounded away by the witches strife
The witch wanted him alone and dead
She used their children to mess with his head

The womans tale now started here
She met the princes and heard his fear
She was cursed by the witches hate
But she overcame it, thanks to fate

The prince and her were meant to be
With his children, they were a family
The witch tried to claim the princes heart
But the womans love made that fall apart

The witches time was near its end
Through lies she hoped bridges would mend
The woman though was a clever sort
Replying carefully to papers from the royal court

Now the prince and womans burden was light
They saw the kids without the witches fight
They still must give money without fail
But the woman still got freedom in this modern tale
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Brainwashed by
Her luscious lips;
Backstabbed by her
... continued
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The future is uncertain in the eyes of me,
Hope devours and eats me free.
My tear bathed skin protects me from none,
... continued
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A dark cloud has covered my heart
Tearing my whole world apart
My sunny skies have now turned to gray
... continued
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A baleful eye does the moon rest upon the horizon

As the clouds are plentiful like popping corn in the sky
... continued
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What is the perfect time, the perfect day,
... continued
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Short but Good
She understood
Not reaching
... continued
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My mom is wonderful and her birthday is today.
I can't think of a better way to celebrate the day. 

... continued
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by Just Me


... continued
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i wonder 'bout the Admins 
roaming this site,
... continued
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