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You must
In the love of Jesus
For love is in the eyes of the beholder
Unless you come across souls that are colder
Empty souls of shell
Just couldn’t melt hell
Even if they listened to my Master’s chiming bells
He beckons me to see his worldly tells
And his creations
Simulates my imagination
And then a trigger
Of the bigger
Of his Beautiful Story
Leaving you wanting more
Of the King we so adore
For our Master delivered
This awesome world that makes me so shiver
So appealing
Is the revealing
Of every minute detail
That leaves nothing to fail
Just taking my breath
As I wish that I had never left
It wouldn’t matter if I turned right
I would still see his shining light
Or if I turned to the side
I know his love abides
I feel the light movement of my hair
Dance gently into the air
That must be his soft breath
As I turn to the left
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from the vastness that was void
night and day would be deployed
first the sun and then the moon
... continued
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God's favor isnot fair
The one's who dont know him are blessed with richness
And the one's who do pray are skipped away
... continued
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I wrote this when I was in 7th grade, a guy I was crushing on brought his guitar in for show and tell, lol he had only been playing for a year, it was an electric, and it was the first time I'd really ever heard a guitar by itself in person, especially so up close and real like that, later I found out he was playing "smells like teen spirit" which I'd never heard before and he talked about nirvana constantly I had a crush on him for a while but mainly I just liked hearing him talk, he was so mature for a 12 year old that he was more on the conversational level as the teachers than he was other students but anyway, I thought this song was about being in love with him but I think it was more about the guitar (which I still love) and how I fell in love with that sound, I edited some of this but mostly it's the sentiment, I sort of cut some of the obsessive longings for him out of it, this is one of my first poems and I still get writings out of things like this, a song I love or just feeling beautiful things like hearing a guitar... 

 your finger glides along the strings
... continued
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Chillness from back of trees
 Killing leaves in joy of breeze
 Oh lovely nature in cute morn
... continued
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My love for her is endless
Like a lovely neckless
That remember her soft smile
... continued
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I wake up every morning
when the sun havent gone out
im searching for the bathroom
... continued
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A flight of grey cranes
glided into no-mans land ~
more thoughtful than us.
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Fiercely guarding a faint flicker of light
that wants to expand and burn so bright
It's smothered in fear, sorrow and sadness
... continued
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I am working my own self program
It hurts worse than a mammogram
When I can
... continued
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