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Sometimes I wonder
How would the full moon feel
when the night nears its end,
dissolving into daylight moment by moment,
promising to return soon?
Would he be hopeful -
to witness that unison again?
Strong enough -
to give away his identity
and fight through creeping darkness?
Patient -
while he loses himself gracefully
with every passing night
and then rise up from the murk
to redeem his bygone glory?
for the same night to return?
Or wise enough?
to rise up with opulence
and greet whichever darkness
brings him back his grandeur?
Would it be a requiem of hope
or an unfinished love, wishful of glory?
I wonder what makes him march ahead
month after month
since time without beginning..
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The great church wall
Where lies my heart and a plastic ball
Those grand steps leading up to its ancient doors
... continued
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I took the pain that I bore well
That seemed to last the longest spell
And turned it into something good
... continued
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You confide in luminosity,
which shines the deepest shade of red.
There's blood in your mouth,
and a crooked spin that can't rest.
Spinning in a haze won't get you where you long.
Shadows lengthen, and you're wondering
where it is you even belong.
Can't you erase the words that unravel,
and just bite your tongue?
No, no. I really think it might be good for you.
can't you tell the kids and move along?
Can't be so quick to judge, when you don't come around.
Ancient courts can't dwindle that chaos
you've caused underground.
You allow the alcohol to permeate through your veins.
Does it help when a vessel begins to ooze,
and you can't see straight?
Stumbling through the tedious life you've made,
placing films upon your eyes.
I see you holding your head up for an execution
within the greatest fractions of time.
I abide by your decision; it's only logical that I do.
We'll continue to crawl through foundations,
but only beneath the roots.

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... continued
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So as the wind blew through the trees
so I felt lost
without my leaves...
... continued
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You said I'm a lover
But yet you show no love
You claim you fight for what you love
... continued
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Where are they now?
Those wasted years?
For what I've sown
... continued
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The hardliners are superstars of the game,
they are also front liners in bringing the
... continued
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My mind's reduced to nothingness, I'm constantly unstable
Perceived as a monster and issued with labels
I may know the answers to the questions enabled
... continued
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