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We've been travelling for days on end
Atop the warmth of igneous & obsidian rock 
Memory boxes placed within grace in wind
We briskly stalk forth in this insidious plot,
Back home.

 The skyline matched your eyeliner:
Frigid, solemn & gray 
It's almost dark so I find the-
Way, to follow the trace,
Back home.  

 Stepping stones lay still on the floor
We hold each other's hand, it's ineffective 
The walls become virutal, the land is iridescent 
I stand for your confession, so we can build a door, 
Back home.

Then I stopped in place, dropped in haste --
Once I realized why we were on this road
Time is precious to own, & nothing to waste
So I'm destined roam & spend my life wandering with pace, 
Until my days are etched in stone,
I will have youth - yet I will be old    
As long as we are travelling together,
Everywhere I go? I will be next to home

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