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“How can you judge what you don’t understand?”
Was a question once asked by a very wise man.
You don’t know me, yet you trust your perceptions,
But fail to see, they could be misconceptions.
Because I didn’t smile when we passed in the hall,
Does it mean I don’t like you, and I’m not nice at all?
Or could it be I’m having problems at home,
And when I left this morning, I felt angry and alone.
Yes, sometimes I wear hoodies, and they’re usually black,
But does that mean I’m looking for someone to attack?
No, it’s just how I try to disappear,
Away from the pressure; away from the fear.
Maybe you’d think differently if you saw through my eyes
The way that I feel; how much I despise,      
Everyone assuming I can’t even play sports;
I can’t be any good because I’m too short.
Yet you think I’m a tough guy; you don’t like how I walk,
And you decide I’m a jerk, ‘cause I hardly ever talk;
But when I do they just mock me like it’s all a big game,
So I keep my guard up; am I really to blame?
I’ve learned to stay distant and put up a wall;
There’s no way I could function if I dealt with it all;
The only place I’ve been able to find
Where I can be myself, is inside my own mind.
And if you spent a day in my life, you would see,
Things aren’t always what they appear to be;
They might be different than what think you understand,
So please stop judging me, I am who I am…

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