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Time slipping away, 
moment runs thru, 
slipping thru the fingers, 
hanging for dear life, 
I sit on empty bed, 
playing the radio, 
dishes to the ceiling, 
every day a die a little, 
time is saying goodbye, 
no place to go, 
I keep thinking of pass yesterday, 
I raise to my feet, 
finger poking the air, 
I am tired of waiting for you, 
time for you realize, 
this killer time, 
is wasting you, 
your empty mouth, 
and lost reasoning, 
you failed to read my eyes, 
I gave you all, 
and you say my reach is too far, 
give me space you said, 
I reached for one of kind, 
you are not the one, 
I peeled you like a banana, 
from all sides, 
I killed this time, 
with flick of fingers, 
I am changing a scene,  
there is no you and me, 
I sold you the very same, 
line you sold me down to, 
you told to find another, 
now you look around, 
you destroyed all inside, 
you refused to open your heart, 
you look for another now, 
I thought we had a life, 
you kissed me and told me lies, 
and left me in dumpster instead, 
you left in pieces, 
now I am puzzling it back up, 
as the fate would have it, 
I found you in the dumpster, 
now you got all the space you need, 
that is where you can kill your time. 


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