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Hi, I'm depressed
No, that does not mean that I want to be like the rest
It just means I'm not always feeling at my best
Hi, I'm depressed

Yes, this mean I hate myself sometimes
No, this doesn't mean that I'm less of a human
Hi, I'm depressed
But what does that word even mean

It means when I sit alone in my room
I start to assume
That everyone hates me and doesn't care
It simply means life is not fair

Hi, I'm depressed
But whose to say I'm less of a person just because of my mental illness
No, that's not true
But yet again I get a constant reminder that I'm different

Hi, I'm depressed
Yes, this means I self harm
Yes, this means I want to die
Yes, this means I think people are better than me

Butt people tell me "NO, Jalyn people aren't better than you."
Well if that was the case
Then why does society tell me a size three is more beautiful then a size 16

Hi, I'm depressed
No, that doesn't mean I'm seeking attention
No, that doesn't mean I use my mental illness as an excuse

What do people really think when they hear that word depressed
Some think they're just seeking attention
Others think wow I feel bad for them

Hi, I'm depressed
To me when I head that word
I hear a cry for help
Hi, I'm depressed
But does that mean my life doesn't matter, no
Im not different because of my depression, my religion, or my sexuality
But I constantly get judge by it

Hi, I'm depressed
When I sit alone in my room
I think about how f*ck*d up my life is

No, that doesn't mean I have a bad family nor friends
That just means I'm thinking negatively instead of positively

Hi, I'm depressed
Yes, this means I will cry for no reason
No, this doesn't mean I self harm everyday
But it means I have

Hi, I'm depressed
When I say that how do you feel
Sad, hurt, maybe worried
But where were you when I was crying and begging to die
Where were you when u wanted to give up and fly

Hi, I'm depressed
No, that doesn't mean I'm going insane
I just mean I feel pain
Hi, I'm depressed

Yes, that means I feel worthless and like crap
But, no that is no who I am
Hi, I'm depressed
But no, that doesn't mean I'm stupid and don't deserve to live

Hi, I'm depressed
And that okay
Being depressed is okay
As long as you never stop fighting it
Hi, I'm depressed

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