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As I lie here, thinking
All that goes through my mind are thoughts of me and you.
How you made me feel,
So insecure, like I was nothing.
How you lied to me
Telling me that you loved me.

I can't get over you.
You made me hurt,
You made me play your stupid little game.

You cheated on me,
And I hope that you feel good.
I gave you my heart,
I gave you everything.
I loved you, and now you don't see,
All the pain you inflict on me.

Just know,
That as I sit here,
With this gun to my head,
I just wish I were dead.

I can't take this pain you inflict anymore!

It's too much...
As I pull this trigger,
All I know;
I know you're happy,
And you think this is funny.

After the *BOOM*
My pain is all gone,
I feel so much better,
And I know.
I know you can't get me now.

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