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A figurine,
with its own qualities
Recreating itself on paper,
Or, for that matter, any medium
Expression of self in absolutely everything,
Walking, talking, writing, even what goes without saying
Said with every movement; her mannerisms accentuate and accent  
The beauty from head to toe and from the right brain to the left brain, even then
She may question what that really means; is the brain truly divided for everyone like that?
It seems some people are all right brain, creative, or all left brain, calculating, but, perhaps,
She is just inside out. She's right, not just in the context of the division of the brain, but
In the way that she is one of the few who is true and real. She cannot be wrong;
You cannot be wrong when you are being right to yourself, and right,
In this context, is a representation of truth and honesty
She can be wrong on an answer to a test or quiz
But It is impossible to be wrong when
you're right inside and out. I envy this,
but only envy in the context
Of inspiration. A real girl.
My real love

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