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My heart sits bleeding in my hand, how did this even happen again?Me left bruised battered and so alone. I guess I never really was your friend, I see that now at the end.I will go out and carry on, but stronger this time another brick, re rod enforced. You know the wall so well. In an instant I knew you are one of those unlucky few who has never felt the love I once knew, or the love inside me headed straight to you. I am devastated. It is better your way of never knowing what you toss away. If you never really knew love at all, I doubt you ever will  have such a great fall. No risk no reward  of your own accord. Me? I will heal, more guarded perhaps. I guess I am one of te lucky ones, to have loved for 30 years,even after he died. But you??  Threw all the potenial to the wind, I actually pray for you to whatever is out there, whatever is inside you. I will head back and finish the task,alone. When all along I believed you were my rock, my steady stone. Built of the sand the tide washed away..

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