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United by the hands of God.
United by a lace of eternal endurance.
United by a word of faith,
and touched by the essence of truth.
Indulged to be the one embraced in trust.
Indulged to be the one engaged in a heaven of lust.
Indulged to be the one in memory of an inclination,
and tinted in ink of rose petal virtue.
That's what our love is thrust to create,
a proof of oneness and longevity.
Our hands were linked together,
with a pledge to love.
Our lives were laid upon each other,
to create a bridge of golden promises.
Here it endures before us,
the greatest honor of God, love and marriage.
That has been his will,
to unite two lives and create one soul.
Laying within our hearts a seed of love,
creating Us... for eternity.

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