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Straight line represent negligible width and depth.
Moving uniformly in one direction without a curve or bend
Bent :From the vertical force or be forced to submit to a curve or an angle
He was straight 
She was bent
In the middle they met
From where they spread
To different ends
He was deep
She was shallow
In the middle they met
She went up
He went down
From then on 
Never did connect
He was right 
She was left
In a circle they met
He went North
She went South
They both came 
Then left
He was negative 
She was positive
They were pushed apart
From the start
By forces
That forever kept them apart
He was warped,
She was curved 
They got hooked, 
Kinked pretzeled
Never to untangle
They were forever stuck
He came from here
She came from there
They met there
Here they remained
Forever they stayed.
One can't predict 
But can never submit
To force or strength
To be here or there 
Unless the force 
Of the inclination
Within tells 
A predisposition 
To an instinct 
Call it capacity
The ability to lean
To achieve proclivity
Judgment or decision
Reached by reasoning
A direction
So confusing
It's not up to you
It's not up to her
Call it hopeless
Call it love

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