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Each day brings with it a series of challenges - moments, minutes and seconds that set your life in motion. These challenges are set to teach us, to guide us, to try us and to test us. 
From each challenge we learn, we grow, we experience and ultimately we either succeed or we succumb. 
We never fail. 
Should we succeed we continue on our journey and we face the next challenge.
Should we succumb; we stumble, we stop and we think. 
We think of the situation, the challenge at hand and why we have not yet succeeded. We think of the reasons why we have been set this challenge and what the potential outcomes could be. We weigh up these options and we analyse the possible effects of these outcomes and we select the scenario that we believe will carry us forward. 
We follow this path and seek out the ultimate solution, the success. We kick the stones out of our way and we trample the leaves and twigs to get there. We follow the path and we clear the debris. 
We stumble, we stop and we think. 
We embrace the challenge and take from it the lessons it holds. We learn, we grow and we come to understand that some challenges carry hardship in order for us to truly understand the lessons they are trying so desperately to teach us. We come to accept that the path we take carries great reward and great success should we see it to the end. 
We embrace the words and the wisdom of others who are there to guide us, assist us and lead us. Not all paths can be taken alone. Not all journeys are to be travelled solo and we cannot do everything alone. As much as we believe and have faith in ourselves, our path and our journey we need to embrace the assistance, the wisdom and the help afforded to us. 
We are not creatures who survive alone, we are creatures who travel our individual paths with the help of others. We learn,we grow and we flourish with the guidance of others. We thrive when we allow others to walk with us side by side. 
This is how we are able to face these challenges. This is how we are able to endure the hardships and this is how we ultimately succeed. 
I am not a hero. I am not able to go this alone and I will embrace the sapience of others in order to succeed. 

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