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We tend to believe to that the things we believe is not by choice.
But how we believe it.
They say love is found unexpectedly.
But is there such a thing as love,
or is it a myth of the heart?.
p*ss there really someone for everyone or is it a figment of the imagination of the heart?.
They say if you're their at the right place,an the right time something will happen...
But isn't that uo to us to decide?.
Do we find love on our own,or is it prepared for us,when we're not looking?.
We all want to feel loved an passionate,but it can only come from within the mind of a person, who wants to feel it.
p*ss there such thing as love that is true?.
Or is it based on loving you first,before another person can...
love another woman,or man.
I take it as, these days we are blinded by love.
And it makes the heart blurry.
That other special person,
makes the heart see you for you
an not what is unseen.
Maybe the feeling of love,
doesn't exist....
Maybe it's a dream.

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