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I wish I was born a cigarette
So that when I set myself on fire
I would know your lips
Or maybe I wish I was born a lighter
So you could hold me carefully in your hands
Like a piece of gold
And hide me in your pocket
Where I could stay warm forever
I’m likely to have been born a guitar
Because it seems like you know exactly
How to play me; a mutual affair
Where I comfort you and you make me feel
Like I have some purpose
But set me aside when you’ve had enough
You know I’ll still be here
Mostly, I wish I was born as the rain
So maybe I could show you how you make me feel
Like liquid, like soft, flickering, diamonds
Strains of light like grains of rice
I want you to feel my anger
While I continue with no pause
I’m not sprinkling, this is a monsoon
I want to be one of the girls
They name hurricanes after
Why is it you?
Why are you the song like an
Earworm in my veins?
why are YOU my light at the end of the
Tunnel or cave or
This pit I’ve buried myself in?
I’ve built us a heaven
But you’re stuck in that trailer trash
Tornado that you think is so beautiful
You stomp out your cigarette and
Smash your guitar against the stage
Open your umbrella and shut me out
Mostly, I just wish you would look at me
Smile sincerely
And love me back.

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