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I know a girl named Natalie.
She says she wants a diamond ring.
She wants to wear it 'righty'
a successful single-woman thing.
She wants to buy it for herself.
I want to buy it for her.
She said that would defy the point.
I try not to annoy her.
Then she says, “I want a horse!
But first! I want a lot of land!”
And on that land, she wants to draw
the house she'll build by hand.
And in that house she wants to have
the dressers that she sees.
The furniture she awe's about
velvet drapes she says she needs.
Gowns that she will cut from cloth
color combinated clothes,
'nitials stitched in all her things,
every hue to match her toes.
And she will sew- in studio
crafting, drafting, para-liner.
Her husband and their neighbors said
they swore that it was all designer.
“Ooo! I want tall windows!
To look up at the trees!”
And if you don't see stucco
you're NOT at Natalie's.
And if there is no picket fence,
if it isn't small n' white,
if there are no cars or friends
your address isn't right.

If there are no Frisbee's
with teeth marks on the side,
than there is no trustee Sheppard
to take out for a ride.
“I need a Jeep, with giant wheels
and bars instead of doors.
To get me up and out of here!
Off the road! And to the shores!”
“But first, I need a better job
to quit my other two.
To put aside some extra cash
to buy that nicer pair of shoes.
To get the proper pairs of pants,
to start on my career,
first I'll need to spend some time,
and go to school this year.
It's just... hard to keep it going.”
Especially when you don't know where.
And soon! As you will arrive...
Realize - that you are there.

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