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I am a Droet

The plethora of unsettling emotions that mold a human, are impossible to categorize into any sort of words that the common person could decider. They not only speak but think in idiosyncratic tongues. Peculiar words from untold places they visits in their dreams. A complicated yet fractureable creature, the human being. A choice subject for breaking and brainwashing.Typically a surprisingly simple mind to rid of passion, inspiration, love, incentive, and many other useless characteristics such as these.  There are a few shall I say, defaults. A default is a man, woman, or child whom fail to fulfill the necessary requirements to become an outstanding citizen. Should you meet one of said abominations. You are to shoot him or her immediately. You can tell almost instinctively the differences between a default and a patriot, such as ourselves. A Default or, as they prefer to call themselves, a droet will have always, an overwhelming expression of selflessness and care for the common man. If some stranger should happen to attempt to help you in any way and expect nothing in return, shoot said fool immediately. For he or she is most likely a droet. With that being said, please proceed to your next scheduled appointments. Be it church, college class, or anything else we may be using to numb your inner droet. So you may become the future shells and hallows of the nation.
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Veerle Heyninck Florimond Magriet More than 1 year ago
like it
megan rose More than 1 year ago
loved it .loved its gritty truth .
Todd Yurt More than 1 year ago
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