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Rustic leaves, red, gold and yellow,
silently fall from the strong boughs of trees.
Littering walkways and grasses of green
catching the sunlight, making them gleam.
So elegantly they float to the ground
creating a path way that shimmers like gold.

The trees moan in autumn's breeze
their nakedness exposed.
Winter is dark and cold,
it hails, it rains, and harsh winds blow.
Branches are bowed with the weight of the snow
they shiver, they sigh, they wail, they cry.
They fail to see their silhouette
against the moon lit star lit sky.
They drown in their tears, obsessed by their fears.

Sunrise ignites kaleidoscope skies
and the blackest of clouds disappear from sight.
The tree of life is vibrant, alive, relieved it gives a contented sigh.
Buds begin to appear and soon pink blossom seduces the air
leaves murmur and whisper revealing their secrets to listening ears.

Summer brings forth the fruits of their labour
The trees stand proud and tall
laden with fruit ripe for picking
nature's reward for patience endured.

The circle of life is now complete
but soon the leaves will fall from the trees
and the cycle will start once more.

the circle of life complete

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Isis roam the streets like pirates
waving black flags on turbulent seas
it's not gold or treasure they seek to conquer
... continued
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He walked with me a while
my eyes were open wide
I heard his anguished cries
as lightening lit the skies.

He condemned the power and greed
the man made wars, hostility,
he raised his hands in disbelief
that his children knew such poverty.

He cried a billion tears
for all the restless souls
driven to their graves
in the name of religious bigotry.

My vision was a dream
a mirage of my thoughts
a glimpse into the future
amidst the latest holocaust.

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It was a roller coaster ride
it was scary yet exciting
romantic yet explosive
... continued
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These faded worn out letters are all that's left of you
yet they hold such precious memories of the love I shared with you.
We danced in the rain without a care
... continued
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The wisdom of the elders taught us such great things.
The land is not for sale they said.
How can you buy what's not mine to give.

You pollute the rivers
destroy the land
many will die from the actions of man.

You can not eat money
so what will you eat
when nature refuses to yield you her treats.

Baron land
fruitless trees
Crops that refuse to grow.

Tell me
what will you eat now
when nothing else can grow.

Your lack of reflection and respect
will determine the fate
you should expect.

What you reap is what you sow.
Take heed of the words
of those who know.

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I cover my face, my face is masked.
Only my eyes you can see.
I hide away in modesty.

I cover my body from head to foot,
to hide from prying eyes,
to hide my shape and form.

My husband, the only man I live for.
He is the only man who has ever seen the real me.
He is the only man I aim to please.

Under cover, hidden from the world.
I wasn't married for looks,
I am not loved for my look.

I am loved for my personality.
There's a lesson here if you care to see.
A book is not judged by its cover.

So please do not judge me.

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False flag
skull and bones
disaster strikes
... continued
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You see wrinkles as I grow older
I see lines caused from laughter
every wrinkle old and new
brings precious memories of me and you.

I know sometimes I repeat myself
but don't get angry, please don't shout,
I wonder do you remember
when your eyes were full of wonder.

You tied me up in knots
question after question
time and time again
as I patiently explained.

As you grew older
I did my best to help you
I wrapped you in my arms to console you
I gave my life to steer you right.

Now you are grown
with a life of your own
work and commitments keep you from home
I only wish you'd pick up the phone.

I don't mean to be a burden
but these walls are closing in
and all I have are these memories
etched upon my skin.

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My worldly possessions packed in a bag
I walked away, I didn't look back,
all my hopes and all my dreams
long lost nostalgic memories.

How heavy is the load
as I walk this path alone
weighed down with regret and pain
I carry this burden of shame.

I reminisce days of bliss
and a smile escapes from saddened lips
a silent tear drop falls
as I walk from the man I adore.

Why was I so stupid
why was I so weak
I had everything I needed
right there at my feet.

The grass isn't always greener
though pastures new may beckon
temptation gives temporary pleasure
but the consequence lasts forever.

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