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About Me and My Poetry

not as experienced as some of the great poets on this site, I have 200+ poems on my blog, www.dustintwiggs.com. I write about whatever moves me. I find poetry is an opportunity to create a temporary getaway to wherever (or whatever) I want.

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In a mess of candlelight and sweat,
I feel your skin softly press on mine.
The curves of your chin are candy to my lips,
... continued
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my scattered desk littered with
countless things of me.
oil paint and a brush,
... continued
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A touch of silk against my cheek,
And I inhale.
Lacy curls touch my face,
... continued
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There’s a fantasy within her eyes, 
A fantastical fairy tale, 
Where’s princes prince and fancy girls are princesses. 
Where giant dragons roam in wait, 
Just for me to slay, while she within her tower, 
Swoons for me and is kept safe. 

Its a place that lasts within the hearts and souls of men, 
And that sparkle in the corner of her brightly shinning eyes. 
Those eager eyes, so full of hope and love. Unjudging and forgiving, 
And protecting. The home and resting place of every fairy tale, rests 
safely in her eyes. And that is where I’d want to be. 

I’ve seen that fairy tales exist, 
Within her eyes and deep within her kiss. 
In a world more real, and more valuable than this, 
Within the hearts and souls of men, and the sparkle 
That glimmers still, in the corner of her eyes.
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Somewhere in Seattle,
There's a note within a bottle.
Scribbled on an old napkin,
... continued
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The sun is trying far too hard,
To rush another day.
But I’m content just lying here,
... continued
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Spiraling through the sanctums 
Of my saddened sense of sanity, 
I felt, just as my soul collapsed… 
A smile start to spread. 

Turmoil and futility 
Of living life’s fantasticals, 
Forced my limbs centrifugal, 
Creating positivity. 

The sighs and sorrows slip away, 
As I am shifting everyday, 
Into such splendors of psychosis, 
Smiling at your notions of lucidity. 

The give-a-*uck-o-meter, 
Doctors, clergy and the reaper, 
All failed to fix or fake their fallacies, 
And sit outside my cave as I gladly go insane. 
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A simple man is plain to see,
With his heart upon his sleeve,
A life he’s built, completely free,
... continued
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I couldn’t begin to guess,
What life really is,
I will die, as everybody does.
... continued
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When no one is around,
The ghosts are free to play.
Dancing to the melody,
... continued
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