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About Me and My Poetry

I am a doctor and Ophthalmologist. I retired as Professor of Ophthalmology from Government service, Tamil Nadu, South India. I published poems in Tamil in eluthu.com; And English poems and translations of a few ThirukkuRaL, NaanmaNik katikai and naalatiyaar of Tamil literature in poemhunter.com.

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About My Poem

The people
…Who came in front and behind me
Called me so.. so.. - Corpse!
... continued
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The Nature which didn’t listen 
To what you say runs away after 
Giving exuberantly the heavy rain; 

Extreme heat, storm, earth-quake, 
Floods and volcanoes and other 
Worst hit effects etc, etc..

The society which hides self-consciousness 
In mind gets used to sow child laborers, 
Refugees, orphans and poverty! 

Brahma, the God who is in charge of creation
Who naps in his factory office creates in a hurry
The physically challenged persons as the time is past! 

Yama, - the God who fetches the life –
Who went for shopping with his wife, 
In his profession, in a hurry, 

To patch up that day’s deficiency
Happens and executes the infant death 
And mortality! 

With extreme greed for money, 
With an agreement for 
Installment of deaths, 

The seeds of narcotic 
Materials are sowed
In the land! 

In the queried knowledge 
of no one is there to listen 
And act swiftly, 

A few sexual assaults
Has been carried out 
And established! 

The cheats who adulterate 
In a state of adulterating anything 
Save the persons who intend to suicide 

By adulterating the poisons too, but
Take the unlimited agreement, killing
The people by adulterating the food materials also! 

In spite of the efforts of curing the patients, 
The treatment for the purpose of making money, 
Multitudes of patients are produced! 

In the disguise of halls of teaching, 
Education is sold in auction
As a day light robbery! 

The leaders who forget 
Their self-status becomes the God
In the days while the God was not in the city

Like the last grade employees
Who either don’t respect
Or forget the superior office Head! 
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There is no one who has collected toll charges 
…after allowing somebody to trespass the pathway; 

Likewise, no one could collect the charges for the
...travel in a boat after it reaches the destination! 

Similarly, a person who could not learn 
…as and when he is young and youthful, 

Can you say he can learn during old age
…and become knowledgeable and efficient? 
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What you said of controlling 
...one’s ‘tongue’, which 
Usually controls after his burial 
...into the earth is so nice; 

Hence we shall avoid shedding 
...the uncontrolled erring words
And speak daily, with understanding, 
...sensible new words! 
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If a very knowledgeable person happens 
…to be lazy in mind, it is unpleasant! 
... continued
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While there is a standing heaven as you see with your eyes
…As a chaste wife who understands and helps in charities, 
Why one wants the company of unwanted women? 

We shall definitely make that idea cut into bits 
…And burn these into ashes; 
Make these unseen to our eyes! 
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The Goddess of Wealth 
...who sits on the Red Lotus flower

... continued
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As the female elephants come behind the musing bees 
which make the buzzing noise after eating the sweet honey, 
... continued
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To be enjoying and praising the whores 
...who sell their rounded bulky breasts
is alike tying the grinding stone around you 
... continued
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Unless the suitable and appropriate time has come, 
...it is impossible for anyone to think 
and perform any specific activity; 

If he tries to do any act, It is the same and resemble 
...as if a blind person throwing his helping stick to make 
the mangoes fall; when the time comes, he will gets things done! 
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