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About Me and My Poetry

I live in Alaska, so I don't get much time for poetry usually. This is a pretty fun site, and I enjoy it. I like to review, and I specialize in haiku poetry. Besides poetry, I enjoy: skiing, running, eating and sleeping.

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The child was kicked by the red pony.
Maybe it was justified, or maybe it was spite,
But the child became a thief,
... continued
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Shall I compare thee to a popcorn ball?
Thou hast less crunchiness and caramel.
The fatty goodness makes me run not crawl,
... continued
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They taunt me with their noise,
But I cannot find them.
They bring me much joy,
... continued
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On western plain and eastern hill
Where once my fancy ranged,
The station hands are riding still
And they are little changed.
But I have lost in London gloom
The glory of the day,
The grand perfume of wattle bloom
Is faint and far away. 
Brown faces under broad-brimmed hats
The grip of wiry hands,
The gallops on the frosty flats,
Seem dreams of other lands;
The camp fire and the stars that blaze
Above the mystic plain
Are but the thoughts of vanished days
That never come again. 

The evening star I seldom view—
That led me on to roam—
I never see the morning star
That used to draw me home.
But I have often longed for day
To hide the few I see,
Because they only point and say
Most bitter things to me. 

I wear my life on pavement stones
That drag me ever down,
A paltry slave to little things,
By custom chained to town.
I’ve lost the strength to strike alone,
The heart to do and dare—
I mind the day I’d roll my swag
And tramp to—God-knows-where. 

When I should wait I wander out,
When I should go I bide—
I scarcely dare to think about
The days when I could ride.
I would not mount before his eyes,
‘Straight’ Bushman tall and tan—
I mind the day when I stood up
And fought him like a man. 

I mind the time when I was shy
To meet the brown Bush girls—
I’ve lunched with lords since then and I
Have been at home with earls:
I learned to smile and learned to bow
And lie to ladies gay—
But to a gaunt Bushwoman now
I’d not know what to say. 

And if I sought her hard bare home
From scenes of show and sham,
I’d sit all ill at ease and fell
The poor weak thing I am.
I could not meet her hopeless eyes
That look one through and through,
The haggard woman of the past
Who once thought I was true. 

But nought on earth can last for aye,
And wild with care and pain,
Some day by chance I’ll break away
And seek the Bush again.
And find awhile from bitter years
The rest the Bush can bring,
And hear, perhaps, with truer ears
The songs it has to sing. 
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The mountain,
Covered in a white blanket,
As white a sheep's pelt.
... continued
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Tall sugarcane grows
Across the field with no end
Creates harmony
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Snow covered mountain
It's covered with a blanket
A blanket of white
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Rain slamming the ground
Lightning strikes in the distance
Thunder sounds loudly
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Walking through the starless night.
Wishing only for some light.
A sweet smell arouses my nose,
... continued
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Why is there a man staring at me?
What, oh what could he be?
Like a cat,
... continued
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