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Snowflakes fall all around.
As I walk through the center of town.
I feel alone as I hold my head down.
I have lost something I have not yet found.
Is it inspiration or a long lost love?
Is it fortune and fame and all I dream of?
As I walk and think about this.
A snowflake hits my lips like a kiss.
I raise my head to see the snow all around.
It is beautiful so white and pure.
Why I came to this town I am not sure.
To see this snow and this beautiful spot?
Why I came here I still know not.
Every year I come to this spot.
To remember what I forgot.

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I lost you a long time ago.The loss of someone is profound and deeply personal
Why, I still do not know.
You were my one true love my first time.The one I first gave my love to. No other woman in this world can compare to the feeling of you
I gave myself to you and for a moment you were mine.A feeling of purity, realism no less than divine.I felt forever with you but it could not stand the test of time.
Somehow we were seperated by
something neither you nor I could control.Life isn't always nice and warm sometimes things get cold.
I hope I still have a place in your heart
You will always have a place in mine.
I will always be with you in body, heart ,spirit and mind.
You are my one true love forever a part of my love history. My First Time.
I say goodbye as I see you laid to rest.May you take the love I have for you as you journey to the other side.Love so true is much stronger than pride.may the Creator of all take you in his arms love you like i couldn't. May he keep you always from harm.Good bye I say as pain and sadness intertwines in my emotions you was mine for a short time My one and only my first time.
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See the old lady with her hair so gray.
From years and years of teaching and learning
the way.
Her hair was all black.
Now it is streaked with gray.
She has lines of long life on her face.
What burdens did she bear?
I do not know.
She is wise and strong her countenance shows.
On her head just above her brow.
She wears a silvery gray crown.
The crown of wisdom.
Of lessons learned and taught.
Who knows what great battles she has fought.
What wisdom of her years can she pass to me?
She's coming to sit on the bench by me.
I will see.

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I saw you on the way to the sea shore.
I said hello though I wanted to say more.
You looked at me and said the same.
You even remembered my name.
Is there someone in your life?
I know there is not.
Because everyday you come to say hello to me
at this spot.
You smile like you expect me to say more.
I can't remember what I made up the night before.
Every time I look at you
It is total attraction.
I know you feel the same
But won't take action.
Your smooth skin and brown eyes always makes my day.
Should I ask you to go to dinner or hangout.
I really would like to get to know you.
What are you about?
This feeling is it a crush or just attraction i can't figure it out.What is it about the way you walk talk and look at me the; that sends my mine into a frenzy.It is that woman only that does this to me.
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Are you ready for me?
Are you ready to see all that is me?
My love my fire my passion and intensity.Lets go in between fantasy and reality. Lets personify our passions the whole of you and me.
Can you give your all to me?Can you give in to the possibility, of true love; you and me?
Can you see deep inside of my heart understand my motives and intentions.
Can you see all my heart and soul.
Are you truly ready to explore me?
Can you see forever with me?
Or you too blind to see the real me?How you opened up to understanding and spirituality?
Can you see past the sexual attraction?
Can you see past the lust between us.
Can you see having me in your life as a must.Not a mere need or a desire the truth of spiritual passionate true fire.
Do you quiver when you think of my touch?I know how I feel but do you feel it as much?
Can you tell me am I being true?
Can you?
If you found out how i feel for you, could you feel as deeply and as much?Can you understand me? Can You?
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I lay in my room in my mother's old house.
I know I am alone because everyone went out.
There's a sound out side in the hall.
The sound of light footsteps as they rise and fall.
They seemed to be headed to my room door.
I hear a voice calling scaring me even more.
It whispers my name and I arise.
There's nothing in the hallway to my suprise.
Fear once again has me shaking in my shoes.
Is this an evil spirit what did I do?
What were the footsteps?
Mother, could it be you?

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Oh great and powerful moutain
How do you endure?
Through technology industrial revolutions diseases and cures.
Through dynamite blasts and man made quakes.
Your strong foundation shakes but never breaks.
Man cuts you with roads and settlements.
You still stand fast through all these events.
Your breathless beauty and grandeur show in the distance.
The years of scratching and mining never shows.
You are a king with your crown of snow.
Though our use of you makes you weak.
You are a majestic king with your snowcapped peaks.

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Everyday I talk to you I think to myself.
What would it be like to have you?
Someone so sweet and beautiful as you.
When you tell me of the man in your life
How you shared your kiss
I wish I wish I dream of our kiss.
Me looking deep into your eyes
Letting our lips touch softly in pure bliss.
I know we are just friends
You problably don't know I feel this way
I dream of a kiss from you each day.
I don't want to scare you away.
By confessing my feelings
I'll hold them inside til the time is right
Then true love can take flight
Until then I will always have my dream kiss.
And in private I will think of you like this.

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I reflect on our last night together.
When we both agreed to leave each other.
I lost my best friend and lover.
When I was with you I saw a dove.
Does it mean we are truly in love.
Has our union kindled the eternal flame?
The flame of passion and love untamed.
I ran my fingers through your hair.
I could sense your next move.
It was as though our souls were in tune.
Everything I thought to do.
You did it automatically,sensuously.
Your touch went through my body.
Like an electric charge, touching my spirit.
I know you felt it too I could feel it.
The charge of spirits wild and free.
The feel of you will always remain with me.
I knew you had given yourself to me Totally.

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I look at the photo you sent me on my screen.
You are so lovely what does this mean?
Are we meant to see each other?
Are you the girl of whom I have dreamed.
Or is it just not what it seems.
Do you think of me with a picture in your mind?
Is it just me am I losing my mind.
You look so sexy with your pretty smile.
We will be together forever,not just a while.
I thought of you as if you were here.
Here is a hug and a kiss for you my dear.
I hope I affect you like you affect me.
The lady in the photo.
Will you ever be with me?
Are you my one true love,my destiny.
Or is this just a passing fantasy.
You tell me.

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