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About Me and My Poetry

I am a retired bank manager presently working for an Indian infrastructure company as senior Dy.GM(HR). I love to be a member of this portal

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Are you?
Propounding Pounds
Dealing in Dollars
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Sprouted by vibrant sperms,
Sprang up in violent genes,
Life is a fount full of germs.
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Of divine dimensions
... continued
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Of divine dimensions
... continued
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Blessed was I on a rainy day, I felt,
Of absence from stringent office
To enjoy on-line work from humming home
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Mind cultivates the psyche
Heart irrigates the body
Love navigates the life
... continued
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Throw your smiles, my dear,
Viewers take a crazy catch
Blush, it is all they wish
... continued
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Simmering youth 
On adultery flame 
Of passionate dreams 
Under the thrust 
Of thirsty hunger, hankering 
To anchor the pranks 
Of pubertal parking 
Slipped into slumber sullen 
At the trick of biometric-clock 
The intrinsic instinct awake amidst, 
Awoke his inner self off the shelf 
In pursuit of pelf of passion 
In a stress free realm of dreams 
Infatuation surfed n’ spun its web 
Obsessive, his highness sought 
Unfair affair with her fairness 
In his dreamy creamy fare    
That planted a futile kiss 
With a figurative hiss 
On her fertile cheek n’ chin 
Raw was war at love he saw 
Alas, the best of his lovely lass 
Perhaps never to figure out 
From his naughty knotty mesh 
Of wish of vanishing dreams 
That often franchise and fantasize 
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Neither too good to be pulled to heaven, 
Nor too bad to be pushed into hell. 
My soul tossed between the twin poles, 
For I am neither a saint nor a sinner, 
To be berthed in a glowing globe, 
Or thrown in a blowing globule. 
Heart and soul coupled and framed abode, 
For a bond of a home maker and a joy seeker, 
Heart is smart in loving and living in anchor, 
And soul that leaves and lingers in hunger 
One that enjoys known heaven at home, 
And the other entangled in unknown haven. 
Nay, my soul and me are one and heed to none, 
Propelled we ported on a day in heaven on mission, 
Grasped by a welcome drink in local ambrosia, 
It looked as if we clinched at ultimate panacea, 
On a jolly ride hosted in the merry Maryland. 
And then pal of gloom unveiled; 
No birth and no mirth to make,                                                                
No death and no change or challenge, 
No hunger and no taste of food, 
No thirst and no feel of quench, 
No ambition and no mission to fulfill, 
No identity and no entities to entice, 
No kith and kin and no fun and frolic, 
No home of my own and none to be homely,  
No work and no wisdom to worship oh Lord! 
And what an unearthly heaven is it? 
An earthly year is lost for a day in heaven. 
And then I prayed, praised, pleaded and pleased, 
The powers-that-be to fuse my heart and soul, 
And help unearth the heaven on earth. 
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Hold my pulse, 
Oh my Sweetie,
Feel my heart homely,
... continued
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