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A dull moment,
inspired imagination,
drawn lines of lies move
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A Winter's snowflake

Drifts in the wind to bring change
... continued
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in a pool of blackness
At a time I knew no words
I struggled to feel a dream

A tear ripples 
in the shade of a pool 
between two robust mounds
where trees like nipples stood
I must make it to the forest below

My Father God was in the Sky
and my Mother was the Earth

I stood in the brilliance
of the Sun's and Moon's eye 
While I nourish from her trees

White clouds got thicker
As Father consumated with her
She was well made tp procreate
and he loved and adored her
Descending to fertilize
the Blue Egg

She burned with Magma's desire...
Calling him to calm her heat

Bursting, he poured life on her
and a passionate storm raged
lasting many millennium 

I slowly made my way down
the deep canal
to the tantalizing forest below
sliding and struggling not ready to leave
My first light came unannounced
As dream turned into reality
for now I could feel pain 
from a well smacked and sore behind


With my eyes still closed
I know I have been born
with my first memory;
of parents that loved me

*It started living the day my Soul
  made it's first spiritual debut
... continued
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If I say I am a throne would you take a seat?
If I were a bone would you prefer me or the meat?
If I were a shining star would you make a wish?
... continued
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I once wished to smile again
In a genuine heartfelt candor
To see past my life’s chagrin
Eclipsing claimed indignant dander

I used to look down into a wishing well
The rumors say its bottom did not exist
Curious I reached into it and almost fell
Before I cast a coin in for a wish

With my dander up again I tried
To fish for coins and steal someone else’s hope
With that unspoken wish I almost died
Finding something was pulling on the rope

I thought there wasn't a bottom there
So I looked once again into the hole
I heard my own voice giving me a scare
When it said there’s no hope for your soul

I fell in and shortly and landed on my feet
The rattling of coins made me a little frantic
To scramble out without giving into defeat
Noting I was smiling from the thrill of panic

Thereafter, I started looking at the sky
Hearing myself say you never have to frown
That hope’s not bought and do you know why
Because it can’t be found by looking down
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Born naked we ask for more
Invent intentions we can’t ignore
With a whole world to explore
... continued
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Can't wash away the old
Nor unwrinkle blemished folds

Wish I gave away some age
To some youth on their stage

Fading glory lost that luster
Prideful memories did muster

My sun dims in piney shade
With starlight the night is weighed

Renewing dawn with each breath
From dusk to dust denying death
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They dug up his grave and broke his bones
His twin now sits on the cemetery alone
The village ostracized and cast him out
... continued
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It started with a dare
Mutual stares filled with giggles
In the classroom

Where we were 
The center of attention
The game had begun
No more paper notes
Our messengers were tired

A foot long taffy
Separated us
To prepare our first kiss
As they chanted Go! Go! Go!

We started nibbling slowly
I savored the taste
Chewing and swallowing
She matched my pace

I wanted to rush
She almost succumbed to the pressure
In our journey to brush lips
Trying to keep straight faces
On our journey to the middle

An inch separated us now 
It was finally time
So we enjoyed this fleeting moment
That engraved entropy’s satisfaction 

The crowd either ewwwe’d or awwww’d
Yet we still eyed each other
To kiss without another dare
Venturing closer yet again
Oblivious to the crowd 

Lips meeting again of their own volition
To taste the sweet pieces
That still clung in both our mouths
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Three swings swayed in the summer breeze
... continued
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