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About Me and My Poetry

from Palestine/Pakistan ... dark_night176@hotmail.com

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So I was rushing with everyone else
Like a race in the Olympics
but with no starts, no laps, no ends!
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Every grain of sand assembled 
by the power of faith and dignity. 
loyal to your dreamer 
to your builder, phenomenal reality. 
should I praise the creator 
on your embracing green valleys? 
or on the white misty mountains scenery? 
You are an elegant masterpiece 
painted by colors of honor , belief and purity. 
Your summer breeze such a blessing, 
blows mercy  calmly. 
And dawn awakens within you  
by the chirping birds melody 
crowded bazaars with aromatic cuisines 
the bangle stalls sing a"clink clink" harmony. 
Cheerfulness pumps like a heart beat  
from each and every alley. 
Women gathered for a chit chat 
children flying kites merely 
men playing a cricket match 
family nights with cardamom tea. 
Satisfaction , relief , comfort and joy 
are fruits of your growing tree. 
May you remain in peace , unity and love 
long lives my country!

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The sand of time slips through my fingers 
covering my feet to slow the journey 
burying me in rush ,as life lingers 
I can see the future lying on a gurney 
Time is winning for I'm in a continuous state of loss 
every breath takes me closer to the last breath 
but I still  have a destiny coin to toss 
I can choose to be the winner after death 
faith be my companion ,exploit my seconds 
truth be my tongue , clear and honest 
patience be my soul , for paradise beckons 
light be my eyes , to witness what was promised.
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Every time we're cured 
... continued
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The queen of the sea, 
thirsty for an aloof drop of water. 
Reclining on a throne of pearls, 
gleaming illusionistic pleasure. 
Glaring eyes shedding salty waves, 
her breaths are harsh zephyr. 
Moaning an immortal bitter song, 
causing ripples in boundless deserts. 
Walking on the ferocious sea 
her feet are as soft as feathers. 
Surrounded with gardens of thorns  
beleaguered with army of thresher. 
Dressed with golden rays of the sun 
chained with windy tethers. 
As she unties her long black hair, 
night blusters into shimmery treasures. 
Despising the monarchical nobility 
praying for freedom from the luxurious altar.
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We all are mirrors 
effigies of reflection 
duplicated feelings 
without vocal connections 
intentions can be seen 
under rays of detection 
I see myself in you 
you're an image of my imperfection 
you see yourself in me 
I'm an image of your imperfection 
we all are copies 
some with defects ,some went under correction 
this world is a mirror 
representation of our behavioristic collection 
War, injustice , hunger and torture 
are some of our selections 
Yes! we decided to live like this 
for we had no voice for objection 
As this world reflects fear 
anxiety in all directions 
causing cracks in the hearts 
light meets rejection 
mirrors break into pieces 
one after another, visionary adaption 
now we are nothing but broken pieces 
illusionistic infection.
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I wont speak, I wont whisper 
For my honesty is deeper then expressions 
I read in the book of loyalty  
empty pages with faithful impressions 
your loathing water merged into my amorous sea 
black waves filled with aggression 
my quietness echoes in your life 
louder then vocal confessions 
you try to burn me with your ignorance 
I am a flaming fragrant progression 
my silence is patient like an unborn heartbeat 
your deafness is a perfidious perplexed depression 
phantom the voices the sounds the talk 
loquacious deceptions. 
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