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About Me and My Poetry

From a soldier's pen - time has come to pen down some glimpses of life. Authored a book 'The Silence Speaks', published by 'Partridge Publishing House' (a Penguin Group of Companies). The book was launched in 'Oxford Book House, New Delhi (India) in February' 2014. The publisher has launched it on line on 'Amazon'in USA, UK, Australia, Japan and on 'Flipkart' in India. The 'Facebook Page Link' is https://www.facebook.com/TheSilenceSpeaks

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You Can Make This World a Better Place
The lad returned from school, disturbed as if he had lost a race,
... continued
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Decades past,
I met her at a popular book shop,
Our eyes froze for a while,
I was bewitched by her mesmerizing smile.  
She gifted me a book with a sober gift-wrap,
In acknowledgement, I bowed my head, 
A humble smile danced on her face,
She spoke more with her eyes,
Punctuated with smiles,
In and out she was full of grace.

We then parted late in the day,
Slowly and slowly moved away,
There was something strange in her,
Every step made me to turn my head?
She too reciprocated my every turn,
She too kept on turning her head,
But we kept on drifting away,
We kept on drifting away,
Until we fell out of each other’s sight.
And were finally lost into the night.

As I opened the gift, the text blurred, 
I turned page after page,
Hallucinations took over,
I felt as if every page bore her image,
The rose petals of various hues,
Thoughtfully placed within the pages, 
Embellished the look of the book,
So dutifully they scented her errands,
Like unwritten missives, 
They spoke beyond the book.

I visited the bookshop again and again,
She was never seen yet again,
That broke my heart,
Subject to immense pain.
Finally I had to call it off,
For, I didn’t even know her name.
For decades I dusted the book every day,
But have failed to read that book  so far,
At times I held it on my chest and fell asleep,
Sometimes I cradled it in my lap, at times rested it on my knees.
Wish I could read this book before my final sleep!
Before my final sleep! Before my final sleep! ...
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Two funerals from two different paths,
Hold coffins, like palanquins, each shouldered by fours, 
Converge at the crossroads, take the same path.
Embellished like bridegrooms, flowers of varied hues, 
Both on their ultimate journey to the burial ground,
Marching towards the same point, follow the same path.

One opens up and asks the other,
“My friend, what did you do on this earth?”
Prompt comes the answer, “I earned a great fame!
Terrorized around, mothers cried, widows beat their chests, 
Children shivered on hearing my name. Tell me about you? 
Like me did you also earn some fame?”

The other pondered a while and said,
“I spread love within and beyond the borders, 
Attempted to bring smile on every child’s face,
Devised ways to weave the world together,
Wiped tears of weeping mothers, healed broken hearts,
Beyond the narrow vision of faith, caste or any race.”

Still guilty of unfinished tasks he added, “I wish to come again,
Wipe out the human pain for, many things are still undone!
What shall you do my friend if you land here once again?”

With a barren voice, devoid of any strength, came the reply,
“You beat me my friend, beat me very hard,
So far I only knew how to inflict wounds and pain.
You have shown me the way to address the wounds that still sour,
Heal the broken hearts, the aching chests, the wounded foreheads,
Together we shall eradicate  the human pain, if I land here once again.”
If I land here once again ...

( ALERT - Shall the living humans fail to bring peace to the world, resonating with violence at present, then the dead bodies may have to come to our rescue that too if they choose to converse during the spell of their last journey!)
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The silver strands of her curls,
Hover across her crests n troughs,
Spread all over her wrinkled face.
... continued
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Where has He hidden himself?
After denuding the garden off its ‘Bahar’?
Where trees now emit sparks;
... continued
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The cut on an unknown hand cut me deep inside,
Deeper than that bleeding vein.
... continued
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Someone somewhere prompted me
... continued
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Don't look at me,
I may slip, I may fall.

... continued
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Hey! Look beyond me,
shake your  frozen looks.
... continued
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As I look back, 
ponder over the past, 
... continued
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