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I am a romanticst idealist Poet and started writing Poetry at age-4.My first poem was,"Grandmother's Sunshine is Never All Gone." I have since written over ten thousand poems.My God Given gift is I love and I can write all kinds(styles) of poetry. I also am fortunate I can write a poem on any thing at any time..."Peace,Love&Joy", Winston Derek Publishers Inc. Nashville, Tennessee 37205 Library of Congress Catalog card no.ISBN:1-55523-138-1-What else is anyone looking for!!! Love everyone,Hhttp://poetry.com/system/pictures/140858/profile/kennedy_pic02.png?1351702979 help everyone and never,never,never,give up on anyone.

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I hope God sends down more of His Love
Here...There or Above...
I hope this is what He got to do...
... continued
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I have always loved the sky
As I see the soft silent clouds float by,
I lay down on the hill and look up at the clouds
... continued
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Must have Love always
But first understanding now
Acceptance ever
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We must be prudent most times
as mercy must always be merciful.
Some have deep trauma..from bad conduct..
... continued
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White Birches with dark painted paws
climbing the dominoes of life.
As the search the , the Indian echoes
... continued
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In the Woods...In the Woods...In the Woods
God felt and I simply stood...Simply stood.
Before me a miraculous mirror,
... continued
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I read today that nature is mean
Running and hiding before they scream...
Is this what nature is all about...
These wild creatures with no lookout.
It's hard for me to have the realist view,
from my pelvis past- a Guru.
That softness sweet and gentle air...
Take heed to refresh, Nature cares.

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We all will feel and share loss someday
No matter how care or much we pray.
Humans don't live long today...
... continued
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Show understanding no matter what
Or how many times...
As for me....Don't believe in disappointment.
... continued
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Dear God up above...above
Please...Please...Send down more-
More of Your Love...
Human's can't do it today...
Requires commitment, sacrifice and patience....
I don't know why everyone can't love and trust....
I guess they've been taken and suspicion reigns.
If only they knew and weren't so insecure...
They would trust again and again....
And find out when they take their heart to the spirit.
This is only when God c an enter....
Oh you got a mansion, plenty of money......Who cares
Oh your begging on the street and say life's unfair...God cares....
But your both wrong as your wants never met your heart
And your needs never met your spirit......
OghGod up above...
Send now more of your love.

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