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About Me and My Poetry

I am a romanticst idealist Poet and started writing Poetry at age-4.My first poem was,"Grandmother's Sunshine is Never All Gone." I have since written over ten thousand poems.My God Given gift is I love and I can write all kinds(styles) of poetry. I also am fortunate I can write a poem on any thing at any time..."Peace,Love&Joy", Winston Derek Publishers Inc. Nashville, Tennessee 37205 Library of Congress Catalog card no.ISBN:1-55523-138-1-What else is anyone looking for!!! Love everyone,Hhttp://poetry.com/system/pictures/140858/profile/kennedy_pic02.png?1351702979 help everyone and never,never,never,give up on anyone.

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Put God's Words
Into your heart
and love life
for it's forever.
Life here so short...
So start now.

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I don't still understand
People can't stay in the grandstand.
One with God...gentle kind peace...
... continued
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You, I mean you have God's power
to love and think...
God has a delayed place for just you...
... continued
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Say a prayer each day...
For what God has blessed you with...
Quit always griping of things you don't have.
... continued
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You alone can't control everything
So give to God those burdens in prayer.
He said....Never give you something too big to carry.
Some strong GOd people carry more...
Accept, and in tragedy...God will give you His Peace.
Do not live by.. what if...
Your tranquility is always within...
Within Him.

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I'm me...I can't put on superficial bluff.
Others first in sole sincerity...
I treasure honesty and GOodness...
... continued
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It's an Animal World
Babysitting- a cat, two dogs
And a rabbit...
... continued
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I'm back from Animal Sitting
Hope all is well
with everyone on this site.
... continued
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I am leaving for Cape Cod Sunday
I won't be on this electronic screen for a week.
I will miss all of you...Kindly in your critique
... continued
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Only a few know....Some people
Hidden within silent self
Not only big crosses
Sometime weighing them down.
Intense compared to money trials.
Some have found humility, acceptance
And just being meek...Great gifts unknown to others.
Some are angry, grudge bearers consumed in self.
Torment and terror surround them.
But the meek are kind and the humble are unselfish,
Smiling in love with no regret of their past.
Perhaps in God's eyes more important than...
For they are somebody- Equal in dignity,
And just thrones and castles await them.
Others may secular define you as at a time
But the hidden ones, as instruments, make us better.
Now who is really important- now and next life.

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