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About My Poem

The heart of a poet is not always seen on the page
The words and structure at times betray hidden emotion
The craft promises not its practitioner a decent wage
... continued
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An apple a day keeps the doctor away,
that's the notion one may hold-
Yet most of us manage to place it astray,
by giving into temptation's mold-
Put that apple in a doughy fritter and fry fry fry!
Smile and have another, go on, try try try!
Take 10,000 steps a day so that you may live longer,
do your daily reps faithfully so that you may get stronger.
Spinach, and cucumber, eat it juice it dream it be it.
Then one day a week cheat and eat all cured meat!
Pizza pie, cherry pie, shepherd's pie, chicken pot pie,
baked goodness overrides having greens on rye...
Or does it? Have you given in? Are you green?
No meat, vegetarianism a win, is that what you mean?
We all must find our path, our way, our truth.
The balance of life, refined or uncouth.

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Would you pay four hundred dollars for a named brand purse,
if it were made out of plastic and paper?
Tell me how could it possibly get all that much worse,
perhaps paying for trying to drink water vapor?
Is the world becoming insane with what a name means on the side of a thing?
Is the world placing more value on monetary symbols instead of a wedding ring?
Our "idols" are trendy and always in the spotlight for us to lift and make fall-
How can we expect if they're our examples that our own lives wont hit the wall?
The youth look up to their elders looking up to less than brilliant or righteous stars-
The youth emulate what the elders show them they hold as important in their hearts.
The youth then feel disillusioned as they realize the elders are full of scars-
The elders then try to pick up their name brand lives up in shattered parts...
and place them in plastic and paper bags into the trash bins,
and the media, big business, and degradation of society is what wins.

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Hug yourself today
With somebody  in the way
Then you may both grin.
... continued
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As water flows fast
into the rock of your faith
Doubt can carve sharply.
... continued
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A moment of silence
Before the world ignites.
Contemplating the end
... continued
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Money talks, and many intently listen.
Money walks to the beat of no human heart.
Honey drips, the hive's lifeblood it does glisten.
... continued
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Snail Crawls Along
It's Home And World On It's Back
Like The Working Man.
... continued
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Air Drums quaking and pounding in my head.
The air guitar solo's reverb rocks my mind.
The bassline mixed between water and lead,
... continued
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A gentle breeze caresses her sleek form.
The darkness conceals just how her dress sways.
Eyes upon the moonrise over her dorm.
... continued
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