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Time Will Tell

No need for words as to who or what.
Time will show one as to who or such.
So put your money away.
No need to pay.
For searching for clues will only deceive you.
So, just allow time to tell you the truth.
Young or old, rich or poor,man or youth.
Time will tell......................one the truth,
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Time Will Tell, by Sandra Meadows 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Juliana Filisanu 5 months ago
No lie is immortal, and no mask can be worn endlessly.
Ultimately, time reveals the truth to the ones who really want to know it.
Anoop Upadhyaya 5 months ago
Richard Stephan 6 months ago
Truth hidden in the eyes that are WIDE OPEN!  Gimme some space........I got no time!  ;-)  I liked it SM  different point of view than the Time that tells lies!  I ain't lyin'......ROFL......tell time I said hey, yo!
Andreas Simic 6 months ago
Time heals all wounds. Nice work.
Krystal Brewingtion-Poore 4 months ago
This is good
Jun Jacob 6 months ago
This poem is really apropos to normal philosophy. There is no fact that will be kept hidden forever. Time will uncover everything. Great poetry!
Anoop Upadhyaya 5 months ago
B. Joy Watkins 6 months ago
I am not sure yet if this is her usual writing type, but seems a little short, but to the point.
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