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About Me and My Poetry

Retired from Veterans hospital. Love to read, have fun writing poetry whether that good or not, it's my thoughts as well as anyone has. Makes jewelry, art, drawings and taking care of grandkids in between.

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When we were back in our school days,
My friend, Ada and I were friends in many ways.
We were together when the bell rang
... continued
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I am a lot older than her
We live many miles apart that's for sure.
I got married when she was a little girl
... continued
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Good Morning God
I am here to say, thank you loud and clear.
Thank you for morning light,
... continued
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Red,white and blue
Colors in our American flag.
Makes us proud and glad
... continued
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Learning from school is part of growing,
\Spelling,arithmetic, and coloring and
\knowing that each and every day, any
\child can say "I learned a whole lot
\Papers,pencils,recess and lunch, Kids
\will love school a whole bunch!
\School bells ringing, Parents bringing
\their Kids to school to learn something
\new each and every day, that's what all
\the teachers will always say!

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Skyler and Olivia, sisters
Little girls living in numerous foster homes.
With no place they could call their own.
... continued
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She was called "the lunch lady" at her school.
\All the students knew her well.
\She was a wife,mother and grandmother too.
\She was known to all who knew
\she was the "lunch lady" until two.
\She will be missed thats no clue
\and not suffer anymore and now outside
\heavens door that will open up that beautiful
\place where one's heart will forever stay
\in memories of Her every day.

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Oh my, the day has arrived!
\when I take my Driving test.
\All I can do is my very very best!
\I will drive down the road with the officer
\sitting beside me in my car.
\I hope and pray that he knows that I will know
\how to drive carefully and it will show!
\I will stop and I will go with others cars
\in tow.
\My driving skills are being tested and will show
\that the officer riding along in my car will know
\that I will past my test
\with flying colors along with the best of many others
\That day of a driving test, try not to be nervous
\and just drive your very best!
\and you will pass your driving test

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Dark and light colors, Reds and many blues,
\pastel greens, yellows and pinks too.
\Placed together lovingly brand new.
\Large and small blocks pieced together with care
\So ver many beautiful colors of the Rainbow to share
\Looking beautiful finished spread on a bed
\This is what hopefully will be said,
\Whe one sees this quilt laying across a bed.

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The mop and the broom,
\they are a pair.
\They do their housework with much care.
\The broom sweeps the floor and the mop
\shines from behind the door.
\The floors look like a rink of ice,
\the broom and mop make them look very nice.
\So when company comes around from town
\and everyone are all sitting down,all
\their reflections will shine like diamonds
\in a princess crown,this will be seen from
\all the company from town.

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