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About Me and My Poetry

I am in the Army for ADA or Air Defence Artillery and like poetry

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My minds a blaze
Torn between love and hate
I can't just take my underlying fate
... continued
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a day in time long ago
I'm jogging these streets
only to find the path I seek
... continued
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It's Friday night 
oh Friday night

... continued
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I've met my great aunt Vicky twice  
both times she thought it was a wonderful surprise  
... continued
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                                                   I'm sittin at the edge of my bed                                                                                    got writers block so my head can't think okay 
... continued
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Time and time again  
I fall back into this same pattern  
... continued
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                   L is for more than one reason I love you  
... continued
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                     What I do dose not involve you even if your my sister  
                               you still don't have to control me and say   
                               me and my girlfriend won't stay together    
                                   and make it to a bigger relationship   

                                                I got news for you   
                     if you don't change your attitude about my relationship   
                        I will disown you because I can't live with someone   
                                 who has no self-respect  as well as  
                                                 respect for me  

                                              Oh yea you said I'll   
                           never learn how to say my raps out loud   
                                  well at least I can make raps   
                                 I'll prove you wrong and learn   
                                           how to rap these  
                                             lyrics out loud   
                                               from these  
                                                 pages I  

             Just know even if I where to get my girl pregnant like you said    
                       I would stay with her and you say dad would make   
                           me pay if it did happened then screw him too  
                             because if he ever tries to attack me again   
                         he better know the monster in me will come out    
                           with no intention of showing him mercy since  
                                         he never showed me any   

                                                I'm not looking forward   
                                to him trying to beat the crap out of me   
                                   like he did in New Hampshire when   
                                            I was only eight years old   
                                                   I'm over that now  
                                                     ready to fight  

                                 What everyone dose'nt realize is that   
                                     I'm more mature than both of my   
                                     older brothers and that I acually   
                                                   want to have   
                                                         a job    

                                          All I want you to know   
                                  is that whatever I do with my life   
                                   is none of your d*mn business   
                                       all you have to do is worry   
                                            about your own life   
                                              and I'll live mine   

... continued
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Naturally falling in Love again
It's like I'm the wind with no direction
just going whatever course I please
... continued
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Our love it’s like a force field   
There’s no stopping us now   
... continued
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