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While hunting near a forest fire,
I need to find a dinner night
I heard a squeeze of bush not in front
I turned around and cocked my riflet!
Then saw a doe, soon to be a mother deer!
Aimed at firing, but my conscience growl!
Let her go and find a bed, the fawns to lay
Endured my hunger… come back again.
Copyright : CarlitoRDelaCasa
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Carlito R. Dela Casa 5 days ago
Be conscientious 
CONSCIENCE GROWL, by Carlito R. Dela Casa 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Yam-tin Martin Wong 4 days ago
As God loves us, we should love others and animals,
Sonja Carnes 5 days ago
I respect your decision! Life in the womb is sacred and meaningful!
All the years in the field my buck knife and 30/30 Winchester would only
Take the buck, and that was was winters nurishment!! I appreciate your work
Very meaningful and special!
Carlito R. Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Sonja… very interesting review. 
Carlito R. Dela Casa 5 days ago
Deepali Patil 4 days ago
Excellent thought
Carlito R. Dela Casa 4 days ago
Thanks Deepali. 
Tunde Dada 4 days ago
The poem is an octave, written in lucid diction with the images of plants, animal and food. The poet maintain a vegetarian stance by painting a persona, who is famished in the bush but would not slay an animal for food. This is a call to heal the world by saving animals from extinction....
Carlito R. Dela Casa 4 days ago
A deep review. Thanks
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